Graduation Free Printables & a Pie Pan Makeover..well almost

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4 Free Printable Graduation Signs

Time for the second Project in the Thrift Store Upcycle Challenge!  I teamed up with a great group of bloggers and we shopped at our local thrift stores and chose two items, one wreath and one other item of our choice to exchange with another blogger. 

For my second item I received a non-stick fluted pie pan. My first thought was to do something completely different than making an obvious bottle cap sign or the ever popular metal two tier storage rack. I wanted to paint it a bohemian pattern and use it in the garden.

But what I didn’t count on was the paint not sticking to the non-stick surface. I painted and painted but I could only get the spray paint layer to stay put.

So take my advice, if you are going to make this project. Make sure you find a pan without the slick surface. Everything will go a lot smoother if you do. 

I salvaged this project by making the pan into a cupcake stand. This is a great trick if you need party decor and are on a budget. When using a fluted pan to make a cupcake/cake stand, if you bend it out a little it becomes a sweet skirted holder or a cute frame for wall art!!

I painted it “Perfect Indigo” or Navy blue, which is great for a Graduation Party and added some great FREE printables for you to use for your upcoming graduate! 

Graduation Free Printables Pie Pan Makeover


  • 1 Fluted pie pan
  • 1 can of Valspar Perfect Indigo blue spray paint
  • A piece of wood or something hard like a large book to bend the pan


Thrift store challenge fluted panClean any debris off the pan so you are starting with a clean smooth surface.

**I painted the pan with spray paint before I bent my pan outwards because I planned to use it for another project. You should bend the pan first so the paint goes on easier with no scratches. If you forget just cover the pan with a soft cloth and follow the next steps. 

Flaten a Fluted Pie Pan to Paint

Take a piece of wood or something hard like a large book and place it over half of the pan. Step on the wood to flatten out the edges of the pan. Repeat with the other side or until all sides are even.

Place the pan on top of a sturdy candle holder and you’ve got one cute cupcake stand! Super easy and and great idea when you are on a budget or in a pinch!

Go Be Amazing Free Printables madeinaday.comBotanical Happy Birthday Free Printable madeinaday.comI have 5 free Printables up for grabs to get your party on!

Free Printable Happy Birthday Fluted Pan Frame

Since the paint wasn’t sticking very well at all and I was unable to make my pan into a sign. My blogging friend Erlene of My Pinterventures came up with the idea to make printables for the center of the pans instead. She’s so clever.

All the printables below can be cut and fit perfectly into the center of your pan to use it as a frame for a cute sign or they can be framed for party decor. Your choice!

Click the below link to Download the 8×10 quote, then Print on white cardstock, frame & Enjoy!

Printables are for Personal Use Only.

Go Be Amazing 2016 PDF

Go Be Amazing Black & White PDF 

Go Be Amazing Stars PDF

Chalkboard Go Be Amazing PDF

Botanical Happy Birthday PDF

Botanical Flowers Happy Birthday Free Printable

Want the matching Botanical FREE Printable Birthday Card? 

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Botanical Happy Birthday Free Printable

Welcome to the 4th edition of the Thrift Store Swap Part 2!

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Graduation Free Printables & a Fluted Pie Pan Makeover..well almost, See how I tried to makeover a pie pan, craft fail! Lol. Get my Graduation frameable printables and a Botanical Happy Birthday printable too! Pie Pan cupcake stand, 2016 Graduation printables

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