Handyman Gift Beer Bucks

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Gift Idea for a man! Beer Bucks

For the past few weeks we have been installing a bathroom in our basement. Sounded simple when we started but there is a lot more to it than we originally planned. The room itself was already there. We had to do the rest, which included installing a pump, installing a shower, installing a toilet, installing a sink, various drywall patches, painting the walls and tiling the floor.

We hired our friend and neighbor to help with the drywall and tile the floor. When he finished it looked fabulous!! I love my slate tile floors!! But, we could not get him to take any money for the job!! Very frustrating since we wanted to somehow repay him for his hard work.

So my husband came up with a sneaky idea to get him to accept the money. He took rubber bands and stuck $10 bills to the bottles in a case of beer, threw in a card, and hot glued the box shut.

We gave him the beer and with a smile he gladly accepted!  Well after patiently waiting for three days…  he finally opened the beer and found the money! This was such a great sneaky idea I thought I would share it!


  1. I’m glad you didn’t take no for answer & payed him in something we been through that to & went brought a coupon at nice resturant put their name on it .That way we tell them have use it …ha,ha,

  2. Yes, what a sneaky idea….and the hubby was the one to come up with it?…you’re wearing off on him….lol

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