How to Get a Professional Email Signature

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How to Get a Professional Email Signature

Doing a little updating on my email today, I found this cool FREE signature generator to add a fancy signature to the end of your emails so you look polished and professional. But before I tell you about it first let’s go back, there are a lot ways to make a Custom Signature on the bottom of an email. I am using gmail so this tutorial pertains to that particular email service.

My old DIY way of making my signature was to upload your logo into the Settings> Signature rectangle section on Gmail. Next add social media icon photos and link them to the urls of all your media sites, but all that can take some time getting the sizes and fonts correct.

This worked for awhile, but I felt that when linking all of the url codes to the icon pics, it seems if the icon pics are too small or too close together, then the pics and fonts get wonky and there is no way to correct the code because you can’t see the actual html. I’m probably partly wrong about that last sentence, lol. But, I have had emails randomly change fonts after they are sent and I cringe at how horribly unprofessional it looks to the recipient. Who wants to fiddle with that all the time? Grr! Well not me, from now on I’ve decided to go clean and neat.

How to Get a Professional Email Signature

This simple Signature Maker website is just the thing to achieve the look I want. This is not a paid post. I just thought it was a great one to share a few tips. Ok, so now that we got that out of the way, on to the good stuff… Now I have seen some fabulous signatures out there for businesses and when I researched on how they were made, I found a bunch of paid sites that make them for you and offer a bunch of other business offers. Ok I’d rather take the long DIY path and deal with wonky if I have to pay $4 a month for a graphic. They provide all kinds of analytics and other fluff, but my email doesn’t need that right now. Maybe in the future as my blog grows bigger, but right now I just want easy and minimal.

The email site is pretty much self explanatory and easy to use. So this will be a simple tutorial with a few tweaks I added.

email signature DIY

Add in your info. I left my phone number out. We already have more than enough crazy sales calls than we need. Same with my address, instead I put a tag line of what my blog is about in that section. Good idea huh?

Host pic on blog for email

Next you to add a photo using just a url. You can add a pic of yourself or your logo.

Quick Tip: To add a Photo url with out using a hosting company, like for ex. Photobucket, just upload the pic to your blogs media files. After the upload click the pic to open the media file on the dashboard and grab the url attached to it on the right column. I have a large storage on my Bluehost plan, so I host my photos from blog. Skip the middleman.

Add your Social Media links to generator

Next add your social media urls. Super easy, when you click enter each icon shows up on your new Signature on right.

I hate reading instructions so here was the unclear part for me, to add this to your gmail account, the directions say to copy the large html code of the signature you just made and paste it into your gmail signature box. Well that didn’t work, or I totally understood it wrong. So after scratching my head wondering what I was missing, here’s what I tried that did the trick.

Click the Highlight & Select button

Click the green”Highlight & Select” button. Right click to copy.

paste into gmail signature

Then paste it directly into your gmail signature box. I really thought the links would be broken adding the code this way, but to my surprise it worked!

Now I have this new cool signature and I’m looking all professional and stuff! This site is super easy to use and I love my new signature! They also have a generator to make your own handwriting signature too! I’ll have to try that next.

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