NO GLUE Updo of the T shirt Scarf

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And here it is! An easier way to make the fabulous ruffled t shirt scarf!! Originally done by DIY DISH who are magnificent at what they do, by the way! Love them! Have a look at the link for their video tutorial.

From the first time I saw this fantastically easy idea, I knew I had to make a ton of them!! So I bought a bunch of T-shirts on sale at AC Moore and then just got busy. There is an easier and simpler and more cleaned up & polished way to make this scarf! No more glue!! It’s got to be that simple, sorry girls, but the glue just isn’t pretty on this scarf.

NO GLUE Updo of the T shirt Scarf


  • One XL or larger Jersey Knit Adult Jersey Knit shirt
  • Paper plates
  • Sharp fabric scissors


t shirt craftsTake a XL T-shirt, and place your paper plates as shown in the photo below. With sharp scissors cut around the plates. Do not worry about being neat, chunky is fine, it will not make a difference in the end.

T shirt craft scarfSo here’s the trick… pay attention to the area between the two circles, you need to leave a section of fabric to connect them so in the end this will be one long strip. NO GLUING those circles together as before! WOO HOO!!

cut a t shirt scarfCut the connected circles around in a spiral. Again don’t worry about being neat, it does not matter in the end. I did notice when I cut them about 2 inches from the edge of the circle the strips were long and skinny ruffles. And when you cut them wider 3in+ they end up shorter but fuller. I did a little of both for mine.

When you finish cutting your strip pull, stretch and tug on it a little. Stretching it will make the pretty ruffles, and the jersey knit will not fray! All this without having to use the glue like before! It just looks so much nicer in the finished product. T shirt ideasContinue cutting out more of these making 6 long strips. Then bunch them all together. I make them uneven so they graduate in the front and the ruffles are fuller. Then tie them around your neck.

You can cut some strands short, some longer. I made a bunch of different colors to coordinate with different outfits. How easy was that?!!


The T-Shirt Sleeve headband

As I was cutting out all the T-shirt spirals for my scarves, my daughter decided to make her own version of a headband out of the left over sleeves. She’s too cute….and crafty like me!

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  1. How clever. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I made one today and posted it.

  2. Mary Beth says:

    Does the shirt have to be a jersey knit or can it be 100% cotton or a cotton blend?

    1. You can try the cotton blend at long as it will stretch like the Jersey Knit it will do fine.

  3. Hi there! I featured you :) Happy Thanksgiving!


    PS- Please link back to the DIY Diva Thursdays party :)

  4. Love this simple, but stylish project! It looks like it would be fun to make, too. ;)

    Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday. Hope to see you this week, as well. Be sure to stop by tonight, and see yourself featured.


  5. thanks for linking up I just wanted to let you know I’m featuring this tomorrow

  6. Just wanted to thank you for linking up to It’s A Rockin’ Party. This super cute scarf was one of my favorites and will be featured tomorrow. Please make sure to stop by and grab our feature button.

    Carmen @ RoCa and Company

  7. This is adorable! I have decided that for the holidays our family will be buying American or upcycling something great! I will use this idea and post pictures. Hope you check out my new blog that I am passionate about.

  8. momsbestnest says:

    Very pretty! Thanks so much for joining Flock Together today and for following Mom’s Best Nest. I am now your happy follower and look forward to reading your posts.

  9. Super cute idea!! Would love it you would stop by and share this at my linky party :)
    Also, PRETTY PLEASE check out Random Acts of Kindness Week going on right now!! Would love to see you be a part of it!

  10. Ps. We did make these today – your way (except sewing them together at the neck) and I didn’t stretch them…love the tighter ruffles but they are darling! Thank you SO much for sharing!!!

  11. I love this idea! I’ve been into making things with recycled t-shirts, I just made a bunch of headbands for my girls that I found on Pinterest. Thanks so much for this idea, I’m definitely making them. I’m now following your RSS feed, I found you at the Flock Together Tuesday hop! If you feel like hopping over, I can be found at!

  12. Rebekah L. says:

    Very cute! Love the no-glue option.

  13. I’m definitely trying this with my girls this week, Kim! Don’t tell my husband that I’m wearing his t-shirts that I don’t like. I don’t know what happened to those! ;) I’m going to sew them together at the neck too though – just a quick seam to keep it all together. Thank you SO much for sharing your new sew/no glue tutorial!!!

    The headband is sweet!!!! So creative!

  14. No glue, yahoo! I love the clever way you’ve done this scarf, can’t wait to recycle some tee shirts.

  15. Those really do look easy! I love the idea of combining different shirts.Thanks so much for sharing!

  16. I love this idea! Perfect for recycling old shirts and pretty product comes out of it. Also it’s great for someone like myself who would love to get crafty but isn’t so talented when it comes to sewing.

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