Queens Cup Steeplechase

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Queens Cup Steeplechase NC

This weekend we went to our first Queens Cup Steeplechase Horse Race in Mineral Springs, NC. And what a great time we had! Tons of spectators come out here every year in their big hats and fancy dress. Everyone has their own picnic including drinking great beer and wine all while enjoying the race.

Queen Cup Race, Charlotte NC

The horses are just beautiful, they are so sleek and muscular up close.

Queens Cup Mineral Springs, NC 2012

The jockeys waiting to mount the horses for their race.

Queens Cup Madeinaday.com

Horses and jockeys waiting to line up for the race.

Queens Cup Horse race

The horses were so fast, the ground shook when they went by.

Queens Cup Steeplechase 2012

We had such a great time at this fun pastime large picnic & cocktail party! So fun! I am already excited for next year!

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queens cup horse race charlotte, NC

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