The Fine Thin Hair Dilemma Part 2

Tips and tricks from a former hair loss stylist, The Fine Thin Hair Dilemma, Part 2.  How to save the hair you have!

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Fine Thin Hair Dilemma Part 2

Here’s what I am up to now! This is an update of part one of the post, The Fine Thin Hair Dilemma. Check out my latest routine! If you haven’t read the first part in this series please see the above or below link.

First, my fine thin hair post has a lot more tips than this post. Including, how I style my hair, fav products, and even a self-tanning section. You will understand my journey a little bit better if you start from the beginning. So go back and catch up, then come back here and see get more tips!

This is not a sponsored post, but my true feelings on my own personal hair dilemma and product use. Join me for my story. My fine thin hair dilemma. 

The Fine Thin Hair Dilemma Part 2

So far my hair has really been behaving since the first post. It looks healthier, fuller and even holds curl longer. There are a few products I’ve changed to get these results, but I totally believe the color gloss “My Secret Weapon” is the reason my hair density and texture are so much improved.

ogx biotin shampoo

ogx biotin conditioner

One of the first things I changed is my shampoo, after many years of using the Aveeno Volumizing Shampoo I knew I needed a change. Enter: OGX Biotin & Collagen Shampoo and the matching Conditioner that goes with it. The great part about the shampoo is it is sulfate free. That means it will not strip your hair color. Some sulfate free shampoos have little or no suds and I realize that can be a real turnoff. You don’t really feel like you’re getting your hair clean without the bubbles, but his one suds up really well.

This shampoo does promise thicker, fuller hair. I can’t prove the shampoo did that for me on its own, but I do know if I switch back to the Aveeno I notice a difference when I style my hair. My hair is less limp and responds better to styling products when I use the OGX Biotin shampoo.

OGX Keratin Oil conditioner

I also bought the OGX Keratin Oil Conditioner and I use it once a week. My hair gets super dry from using so many hair products and this is a quick fix for super dry hair. It makes my hair super soft, conditioned and a little limp. Use it on a day when you do not need a great style or you could shampoo and use this conditioner at night and then wash the oil conditioner out the next morning. It really is a great conditioner for the dry winter months. It will restore your hair to the correct normal condition.


color refreshing gloss

I am still using the John Freida Clear Gloss by but not as much as before, I only use it once a week as directed. FOR MORE DETAILED INFO on how this product completely changed my hair, see my first post The Fine Thin Dilemma.

UPDATE: I no longer see this product in stores. I am pretty sure they are discontinuing it. The Cool Blonde Color gloss is available on Amazon as of 7/2017. The gloss also comes in Cool RedsBlackWarm Blonde, and Brunette



I have been very careful when highlighting my hair as to not overlap the bleach at the roots and not to get too close to my front hairline. I have completely stopped the all over dying back to dark color, I had been doing every few months. I was doing this to add depth to my color and cover grays. I believe this has been a tremendous help in stopping breakage, especially around my hairline.

Pro Creme Demi Soy haircolor

I now carefully highlight only the roots and use a fantastic soy based hair color by Clairol, Pro Creme Demi Color. Demi color means semi-permanent hair color. You use lower levels of peroxide with this type of color, so they do the least amount of damage. If you are totally gray they will not cover it all. They work best on hair that is 10%-20% gray. (with some demi color brands you can actually sit under a dryer and get better coverage, so do your homework to find the right one for you).

I use color 10A Lightest Coolest Blonde, you can also find this hair color at Sally’s Beauty Supply Store.  I apply it all over towel dried hair immediately after bleaching/highlighting. This hair color brand literally makes my hair feel healthy and thicker. This product is fantastic, my hair really feels like it did when I was a teenager. The soy based color coats the hair and fills the hair shaft. It feels so healthy, I no longer need to use the John Frieda Color gloss as often as I was in the beginning. I still use it once a week, not multiple times.  SEE PART ONE OF THIS POST for more info on the color gloss.

Biotin for hairgrowth

NOTE: Please see a doctor and ask if taking Biotin is right for you, before trying this supplement. I am in no way endorsing you to use it or responsible for any effects it has on you. I am not a physician. Please consult a medical professional.

I have been taking Biotin 5000 mcg for a few years now. Since I started taking Biotin, I have seen a nice amount of regrowth in my part area, around my face and eyebrows. My results can also be combined with the less stress on my hair from my new routine of processing and highlighting. Either way, I think the Biotin is a great addition to my hair regrowth routine.

Big Sexy hair dense

Big Sexy Hair Dense Thickening Spray. It is a pre-blow dry spray, just spray in and comb through. This is one of the better ones I have found for thickening. Some of the other pre blow dry thickeners dry stiff and are quite sticky, this one you will hardly know it’s there. My hair really feels fuller after I dry it.

boost it mousse

Next up is L’Oreal Paris Boost It Volume Inject Mousse. I apply this on my crown roots before blow drying. Despite the bad reviews on Amazon, this mousse works for me. When applying don’t put it all over your head, it’s for roots only. Do not over do it or you could end up like some of the haters.


Oh and I’m super excited about this one! I found one of my all time favorite hair sprays from the early 2000’s back on the market! Got 2B 2 Sexy Hairspray!! I love this spray, It’s touchable but still strong. Here’s how I use it. After I blow dry my hair I use this hairspray as a styling spray on each section before curling it with a curling iron. When you let go of the curling iron the curls spring back! Can’t say enough about this product. Love this spray!

got2be messmerizing spray

This is a brand new product, Got 2b Mess-merizing Texture Spray. I have been trying it out for the last few weeks and I really like it. I spray it on mostly the middle to ends of my hair when it is wet. I scrunch the hair a bit with my fingers and blow dry. It definitely adds texture that doesn’t weigh your hair down. That’s a hard feat for this fine haired girl.  For now, it’s a winner and I’ve added it to my arsenal.


I’m going to let you in on another one of my hair tricks I have been doing for years. It looks rather silly but totally works for fuller hair.

Goody Outchless Terry Bands

You will need small Goody Ouchless Ponytail Holders, They are tiny terry cloth bands, you will find in the children’s hair section of most stores.

NOTE: Do not use regular pony bands they will leave depression marks on your hair when you are finished styling. You need soft bands for fine hair.

When you are finished blow drying your hair, section off the crown of your head like you would curl it with a curling iron or rollers in 1-2 inch sections.

Thinning Hair Hairstyles

Put a terry band on each small section, making small pony tails. Tighten the band close to your scalp. So you have a small pony on top of your head. Do this all over the crown on the top and sides of your hair.

Fine Thin Hair Styling

Then take your curling iron and curl each pony section in the direction you would normally style your hair. I add my velcro rollers to them to hold the shape of the curl. Next, I shoot them with some hairspray and let them cool down while I finish getting ready, do my makeup, get dressed, whatever.

When you remove the rollers and terry bands your hair will be lifted off your scalp like a professional blow out, but without the stress or pulling on your already fragile hair with a brush. I then rub my hands through my hair and scalp to remove any separations from the bands and finger style my hair. No brushing! I get big hair every time! Try it you will be amazed at the amount of lift you will get with this simple trick.

Another easier way to do this technique for the lazy hair girls out there is to blow dry then take the hair on the top and the crown of your head and put it in a pony tail straight up on your head with a large terry band or silk/soft scrunchie. Spray with hairspray, let it dry then take it down when you are finished getting ready.

This adds fullness, just like a blowout. I prefer the first method for my hair, the styles stay longer for me when my hair is in smaller sections. Both methods get great results.

And that’s my update for now. Things are going as well as they can with my hair. It has really grown out and seems healthier than the previous year.

I really think changing my coloring and bleaching routine and the Biotin have made the biggest difference in my hair in the last six months. The fewer chemicals the better. Let me know if you have tried anything new or have your own techniques for fuller hair! I’d love to hear them!


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8 thoughts on “The Fine Thin Hair Dilemma Part 2

  1. Finally, Someone, I can relate to. My hair is fine and thin thanks to genetics. I love your tips and ideas. I’ve been trying to add Biotin to my diet as well as increasing my protein.

  2. These two posts on hair loss are great, Kim – love your personal tips and recommendations!

    I, too, have had a minor (major?) nightmare of late. To my horror, my thick hair has been falling out in handfuls for the past 4 – 5 years. Four years later, I’m in my mid-50’s and can see bald patches! My ponytail is half what it was – even less. I, too, am not willing to take HRT due to the risks of estrogen.

    Last week, I recalled my mom telling me years ago that, as a teenager, the same thing happened to my sister. Stress was apparently the cause in that instance. Here’s the thing: my Mom started giving my sister a protein shake in the morning and at night … and her previously fine hair grew back, thick! It has remained thick to this day. However, she has never dyed or permed her hair.

    I decided to begin the same routine – and have started reading Dr Sears’ book, The Zone , wherein he explains how most North Americans are protein malnourished and shows how to calculate your protein requirements for each day, unique to each person.

    I’ll see if it makes any difference ….

    1. Thanks so much Deb,
      In the last few years, I find the only diet that will work for me to lose belly fat is the Atkins diet. High protein! When I eat more protein my hair looks so much better. So I agree with the protein theory, most definitely. Have you tried the biotin for the patches? One of my close friends is a nurse and had the very same thing. Her hair was coming out in quarter size patches. Her Dr. told her it was stress and put her on the biotin and they are now filled in and haven’t come back. I do think some people respond to biotin better than others. Thanks so much for reading and reaching out! Please let me know your results with the smoothies! I’d love to try it if it works.

  3. Just found this info. There are products out there that help with those of us who are aging and experiencing hair loss/thinning – I use Infinity Keratin fibers (on Amazon) and they work pretty good for thickness and volume but don’t shake in too much of it or it will clump. A really good product is Signature Club A Thinning Hair Fill which you brush on/in with the supplied brush. These two things have helped me keep from having to wear a wig. I also use Fructis Sky-High Volume and their Full and Plus Shampoo. These have helped tremendously, but I am going to try some of the products you use to see if they do a better job! I’m 73 and have had to keep my hair short to have any lift at all, natural color with little gray, but WAY thin all over the crown.

    Did Thyroid testing, showed nothing, but I brought a five-page thing of symptoms to dr. re thyroid deficiency (the tests don’t always show that you are lacking!) and finally got put on some thyroid despite the (normal range) tests and this has helped a lot. Have regrown some hair around the front and sides, but not the crown.

    I don’t recommend any hair fibers but Infinity, and the Signature Club A stuff is great too – I use both to thicken my hair.

    Hope this helps others.

    1. Thanks for the recommendations linda! I tried a fiber product and for my medium length hair they do not work very well. I do have a friend that loves it for short hair. I’ll check your products out! Thanks for commenting!

  4. margaret peg m says:

    this is actually the best post i’ve read on ‘fine/thin hair’…you offer up some great tips and products that i can’t wait to try. kudos!

    1. So sweet to say Margaret! Glad you liked the post I will be doing another one in a few months to update. Thanks for reading!

  5. I have been wanting big hair since the 80s! Thanks for all these tips! I will definitely have to give them a try!

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