The Fine Thin Hair Dilemma

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The Fine Hair Dilemma updated

Before I was a blogger I was a hairstylist, my job was pretty unique  I worked in the hair loss business cutting and styling wigs and hairpieces.  I thought I’d share my tips & tricks that I have learned throughout the years and dealing with my fine and now sort of thinning hair. First let me begin with this, I have been a licensed cosmetologist since the late 80’s. I also worked in the Hair Loss Industry cutting and maintaining hairpieces and wigs for over thirteen years. I guess you could say I have pretty much seen and tried it all.

I have tried and used many of the countless fine hair products that are out there and would like to share my favorite finds with you. Then when you are finished with this post you must check out the PART 2 of this post for even more tips.

This is not a sponsored post, but my true feelings on my own personal hair dilemma and product use. Join me for my story. My fine thin hair dilemma. 

Fix hair damage fine thin hair dilemma

Let’s get started! One of the craziest decades was the eighties. Being a teenager back then meant having big hair styles that stood high with many ranges of colors. Everyone had curls and perms ruled the era! Male or female we all had them. Excessive permanent waves and bleaching unfortunately damaged my hair and scalp.

Wait let’s back up a minute, my whole life I have had fine hair. I know from seeing my grandmothers super baby fine thin hair and my mothers fine thin hair that I am doomed to inherit their hair loss.

In the back of my mind I have always known that eventually I would be sitting in the chair instead of standing behind it. But for now, I will keep searching for the best and inexpensive remedies that work for me.

Hopefully this post may help some of you out in the process. Sometimes the best ideas and tricks are shared between friends in the same situation. I am going to post to you what I have found that works for me and in that it may help one of you out there with the very same issues or maybe we can just cry together.

The damage to my hair in my teen years from the eighties consists of Sun-in {straight peroxide} hair lightening spray, painting “on the scalp bleach” on my hair with a toothbrush to excessive double processing. Double processing is when you have highlights and/or hair color then get a permanent wave on top of that. That’s a lot of damage, believe me my hair has been mushy from that kind of damage.

At one point I had hair extensions in the crown and front sections of my hair from the ears forward, the weight of them alone pulled a ton of hair out that never recovered.

Fix hair damage fine thin hair dilemma part 2

I still highlight to this day, but I now have to color my hair all over every couple of months because of the new pesky grays that are emerging. I could just stop the highlighting, but seeing my natural color or a solid color freaks me out. It just isn’t me anymore. To me having highlights or low lights make your hair color look more natural. Like the sun would normally do to your natural hair.

As you age and start getting greyer, Mother Nature adds the lighter grey hair around the face. This naturally softens your wrinkles around your eyes and face. Grey hair dyed too dark makes your wrinkles look deeper and more noticeable. I choose not to see any grey. I’d rather color the grey to appear as if it were highlights instead.

My new hair dilemma is aging, thinning hair. I have noticed since I passed the forty mark that my hair is changing and feels different. The texture has changed and it has a dry shredded look to it sometimes, which then leads to it breaking off. The breaking off of the hair then makes it seem like it doesn’t grow.

I am sure some of this is due to hormones, but you can’t turn back the clock. Taking a hormone supplement is out of the question for me. I have estrogen fueled breast cancer in my family and I don’t want to pour fuel on the fire.

Lets just say I have never had the hair of my dreams, but I have pretty much killed what I do have trying to get it!  Lol!

Most of the products I am using these days are from drugstores, salons, beauty supply stores, Ulta and even Amazon. Again, this is not a sponsored post. I provided Amazon affiliate links throughout the post, so you can read the reviews or purchase the exact product I am talking about.

I’m obsessive about the latest and greatest hair fix. Anytime something new and great comes out, I read as many reviews as I can about it then usually end up buying it. So let’s get started with what I am into these days.

Aveeno Shampoo

Aveeno Volume Conditioner

Lets start with shampoo~ My favorite shampoo that I use and keep coming back to for the last five years or so is Aveeno Nourish + Volumize Shampoo  and Aveeno Nourish + Volumize Conditioner. Every other volumizing shampoo I have tried for fine hair strips the hair of product buildup and the color on color treated hair leaving it limp and dry.

The Aveeno Volumizing Shampoo does not strip your color treated hair at all. The conditioner is really lightweight and does not weigh my hair down. I love these two but they can be hard to find in stores.

I am not a big fan of most of the new hair thickening shampoo systems. Most of the time they are full of silicone, flake and build up. I also do not like sophisticated pricey hair systems that contain Minoxidil. They do work to grow and thicken the hair, but as soon as you stop using them the hair that grew in will fall out. That would probably send me over the edge at this point. Plus they smell strange and when I sweat I smell mediciney. Yes I made that word up! Maybe I’ll try them in the in the future, if things start getting drastic.

color refreshing gloss

Now to share with you my SECRET WEAPON!

 I found this product just a couple of years ago and it has done wonders for my hair. It is John Frieda Refreshing Gloss, I use the Cool Blonde shade. I have already stocked up on my supply in case of the apocalypse or worse if they decide to discontinue it.

UPDATE: I no longer see this product in stores. I am pretty sure they are discontinuing it. It is still available on Amazon as of 8/2016. Stock up NOW! 

My aging hair has become increasingly porous and soaks up any hairspray or style products I put on it. This gloss fixes that problem and more. This is a once a week use gloss that seals your hair shaft and adds shine. It gives your hair that great “fresh from the salon, just colored my hair” feel each time you use  it.

TIP: Here’s my secret: I love the way this gloss feels so much I sometimes use it twice a week. So far I have not had a buildup, but excessive use may cause flakiness. You’ve been warned.

boost it blow out

boost it mousse

So now I’ve washed my hair and toweled it dry. My next trick is a heat protection spray. I use L’Oreal Advanced Boost It Blow Out Heat Spray, spray it all over your hair.  Then add L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle Boost It Volume Inject Mousse only on the roots of your hair. I love the smell of this stuff and it seals and protects the hair shaft.

Big sexy hair root pump

I also love Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus Mousse ~ I actually switch this product up with the L’Oreal Mousse I mentioned above for the roots of my hair. This one never lets you down. I spray my roots all around the crown area of my head, and blow dry.


big sexy hair hairspray

My favorite hairsprays are Got 2 Be 2 Sexy Hairpray and Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play.

Helen Of Troy curling iron

I use a professional grade curling iron, like Helen of Troy, Gold N’ Hot or Hot Tools Professional Jumbo 1 Inch Curling Iron brands. These curling irons are game changers when it comes to styling your hair. They get hotter and hold curl longer regular drugstore curling irons. These irons are one of the reasons why your styles from the salon last and your styles you do yourself at home do not. Get one they’re a life changer.

I am not a fan of the ceramic curling irons. Although they claim to to be better for your hair, they just don’t seem to work well on my hair. The curl just will not hold at all. I may try them again in the future, but for now I will use the hot ones I mentioned above on a setting for fine hair.

NOTE: The professional curling irons can get super hot, so make sure you do not turn it up too high or it may burn your hair or even burn it off. Yikes. Make sure you always set them to the fine hair setting.

Redken Hot Sets

As I am curling my hair with the curling iron, I spray each section with either hairspray or for extra hold I use Redken 22 Hot Sets Thermal Setting Mist. This stuff has been around for over ten years and is seriously awesome for holding fine hair.

Velcro Rollers

When I let go of the curl from the curling iron I immediately roll that section up in a medium or small velcro roller. That way the hair stays in a curl position as it cools off.

When I finish with all the curls. I now have a head of velcro rollers I spray them with a coat of hairspray and let them dry and/or blast them with a hairdryer. I leave them in while I apply my makeup. Remove the rollers, then use your fingers to style! Spray, spray and spray again & that is pretty much my regimen for styling fine thin hair!


I originally wrote this post during tanning season. Here’s my two cents about sunless tanning products. First, I love Mystic Tanning Booths and always get a few in the spring to start the season. Most places do a two for one for those of you, who haven’t tried a booth tan. It’s the best way to get your fake bake even, hands down.

My favorite sunless tanner is Body Drench Quick Tan Instant Self Tanner Bronzing Spray, Medium/Dark. This self tanner smells like chocolate and goes on with a pretty brown color instead of orange, I am fair skinned and the med/dark is great. It’s great when you need a boost of color.

Another one of my favorite product lines is St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse and their other products. These can be very pricy when sold at salons. The tanning lotion rubs on and you will look like you were in a mud fight. It’s more like a stain than a creme. Amazingly it washes off to a perfect tan.

St. Tropez also has a Gradual Tan In Shower Gel I can’t wait to try. You put it on and wash it off and it gradually gives you a nice sun kissed look. Sounds good to me! Reviews are pretty good as well. I’ll update the post if I decide to order it.


Now it’s your turn. If you have a great tip trick or remedy that works for you. Please post it in the comments below! I’d love to try it and/or hear your story!


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28 thoughts on “The Fine Thin Hair Dilemma

  1. Try Rusk -Thick. It’s very lightweight so it doesn’t weigh my hair down but adds a good amount of volume to fine, thin hair. I blow dry upside down and then style with the in-styler after applying. Best product I have found after trying many.

  2. I have had thyroid problems for years, even in my teens and I’m now a grandma. While a teenager, I lost all the hair on the back of my head and the dermatologist that my family doctor sent me to all those years ago had me use a concoction mixed up by the pharmacist. It was perfumed “toilet water” and FORMALDEHYDE! I went to high school every day smelling like the biology lab! That couldn’t have been good for either my hair or my scalp.

    Now I keep my hair on the shorter side as any length will actually make it break off. I don’t use too many heated appliances to curl my fine, straight hair and tend to use those foam rollers to get any lasting curl. I did find that a root lift product from FS’s salon helps my hair with texture and lasting curl, even in our 100+ degree heat in NV. I use good old White Rain hairspray and it hasn’t failed me yet.

  3. Hi Kim-I too struggle. My hair is post menopausal and it seems like in a matter of a week the texture changed and it thinned severely. I do not have thyroid problems but wondering what else could cause such a drastic change. Also I have started using a shampoo with argon oil in it and it does make my hair soft at least-without weighing it down too much. Thanks and hi to all the others out there who are getting thin-just not where they want!

  4. Hey Kim,

    I too have fine, thin hair…. and it’s also dead straight. I can do my hair in little piggy ringlets with a curling wand, roll it up, drench it in hairspray… and ten minutes later it just looks like I’ve straightened it. I hear your pain!

    Here’s a few tips I’ve found work for me – (I’ve got collarbone length hair)
    – don’t let the hairdresser go near your head with the razor scissors because it’ll make it fluffy and flyaway and terrible
    – caveat to the above is letting them do a few shorter razored layers underneath the top layers around the crown – makes that fluff turn into volume (this, my hairdresser’s apprentice tried on my recently, and its absolute gold)
    – tip your head upside down and dry the roots with the blowdryer on hot, then blast with cold to ‘set’ the volume, then tip your head back up and style as normal – don’t brush the roots and be careful not to drag down all that lovely height
    – when you’ve finished styling, use hairspray underneath layered sections to help prop it up
    – dry shampoo is you’re friend – whether you’re hair needs washing or not, it is awesome to add more stability to the roots
    – if you’re blonde, (or a game brunette with the blowdryer handy to blast any grey streaks) baby powder is excellent – and yes, I realise this is often frowned on, but hey – anything for volume right?
    – also, if you can get away with it, never use conditioner on your scalp, only the ‘ponytail’ ends of your hair.

    Sorry for the long comment – had no idea I had that many tips when I started!
    Hope this helps someone!

    1. Great tips that I have been doing for years! Thanks so much for sharing. No worries about your comment being too long. I already have so many new ideas from this post that I will share with you all soon! Thanks for reading!

      1. meredythe clark says:


    2. Sharon Tedesco says:

      I love Oribe texturing spray!! It is expensive but lasts a long time and really does add texture to my very fine hair….

      1. Thanks Sharon!
        I will check it out! Which one do you use? Dry? Beachwave or thickening? I actually have a few more tricks to share soon. Fine hair Dilemma post #3 will be out soon! One of my new fav products is Redken Cerafill Dense FX, I believe it’as a remake of the Redken Density. Works awesome!

  5. I have struggled with my fine hair all my life. It’s challenging when it’s long and it’s challenging when it’s short. Round brushing helps temporarily but who has time for that every day? I love Aveeno skin products so I’ll definitely give the hair products a try. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi Kim, I love your blog. You took me down memory lane when you mentioned Sun In and wild perms. I can remember taking at least an hour to get my hair “just right” before I left the house. Then, when I got to my destination I ran to a mirror grabbed the extra large can of hairspray out of my purse and teased and sprayed until it was huge. I love the 80’s. I am going to try the products that you have recommended. I used to wash my hair every day but now I am afraid that if I wash it too much it will make it fall out more. Also, I love sunless tanners. I will have to try the ones you have recommended.

    One thing I wanted to add was that Thyroid problems can cause hair to thin. If anyone suddenly notices a huge amount of hair falling out they should consider getting their Thyroid checked.

    1. Good thinkin Judy! I’m having a physical this week and I sure will mention it! Thanks for reading!

  7. Hello!
    I am one of those who are completely obsessed with hair so I know how much work you have gone through to get your hair where you can stand it. All those 80’s products, ha ha ha, me too!

    The one product I love, is sadly, no longer made. It is a leave in spray by VO5 and I can’t find it anyplace anymore. (sad face)
    Thanks for writing this post. I am so glad I found you through the SITSGirls FB linkup.

    Blogging at
    Creating Unique Hair Accessories for sale on Etsy

    1. I have a half a bottle of the VO5, I saw it passing by my daughters room after I read this. I think we got it at Walmart or maybe Walreens not that long ago. Thanks for reading!

  8. Thanks for the tip! I like Aveeno products, so I will have to give this one a try! I have forever been the one and only person in my family with fine thin hair – not fair!!

  9. I too have fine hair, but not thinning, and am on the never-ending quest of the magic elixir of hair products for volume. I always am changing my shampoo/conditioner when I need a new one, so I’ll try Aveeno. I also switch out to a keratin shampoo/condition which helps keep my hair healthy. Still hunting for volume that will survive Texas weather! Thanks for the post. So glad I am not the only one in my journey!

  10. Had to read this! I also have fine, thin hair. Love the Big Sexy, too. Will definitely be trying some of your tips. No more hating my hair!!!

    1. Thanks so much for reading!!!

  11. Oh, Kim, I completely feel your pain. I understand the fine, thin hair dilemma all too well. Thanks so much for sharing these product ideas! It’s always good to hear suggestions from someone who understands what it’s really like to deal with fine, thin hair. I’m so grateful for your honesty! I will definitely follow this series. 🙂 Thanks, again!


    1. Aw thanks for liking and understanding my post! yes there will be more to come!

  12. OMG Kim, I must be on your mental wave length! Thin hair is going to be my first sponsored post this month. I have it and I have eight items to feature for my post. One of them is sponsored and I got free samples to try and promote. I would love to link to your posts and make it 9 tips! Reading through your ideas. pinning!

  13. My hair is super fine but not thin. That doesn’t make it any easier to deal with though. Even in my post menopaus years, I also deal with oily hair. I know it’s not suppose to be good for hair to wash every day, but due to my inability to deal with oiliness… I do. Any tricks there?

    1. My hair seems to be getting oilier the older I get. I wash mine everyday too. I have started washing it at night and twisting it up in a claw clip while watching tv and then sleeping on kinda damp hair. In the morning I have really good body and waves, plus it keeps the blow dryer damage down. Hope this helps. Thanks for reading!

  14. Thank you for sharing! I’m headed out to Sally’s today! Have been struggling since my favorite root volumizer was discontinued

    1. Sally’s also has has a great Big Sexy hair Knockoff line called So Gorgeous, the cans look very similar. The root pump and hairspray are pretty close to the original. Good Luck! Thanks for reading!

  15. Thank you for doing this post. Also, I hope you do more like this. I have struggled with my fine/thin hair for years. It’s getting worse and I’ve accepted that. I’ll have to try the Aveeno shampoo. I have a product recommendation. I sometimes don’t use conditioner in the shower. Instead I use It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In Conditioner. It’s great. It doesn’t weigh my hair down and it leaves my hair feeling soft.

    1. Hi Nicole,
      I wasactually looking at this yesterday at the store. good to know you like it. It’s a whopping $13 for a timy bottle, so ihave been on the fence about buying it. Mybe I’ll give it a try! Thanks for reading!

  16. I want to thank you for this post! No one seems to want to tackle this issue and I’ve been struggling with it for a couple years now. I love that you shared the products you use (I, too, love the Big Sexy Hair Root Boost). I look forward to seeing what else works for you and any tips or tricks you have since you have a lot of experience.

    1. Thanks so much Shannon!! I’m obsessed with finding the magic product, so I figured I’d write about it. Lol! Thanks for reading!

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