Upcycled Embellished T-Shirt Bracelet

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Upcycled Embellished T-shirt bracelet madeinaday.com

Easy Gift Upcycle~ from an embellished tank top to a bracelet.

It’s that time of the year! Last week I cleaned out my closet, I usually end up cleaning it out around 3 times a year. But I don’t get rid of everything, I like to really look at what clothing I am tossing out. If it has a great pattern or texture I save it in my craft fabric stash.

I especially like Jersey Knit fabric. You can really make so many things with it because no matter how you cut it, it doesn’t unravel. Same goes with polyester.

The tank top in this post is Jersey Knit. I liked the silver bead embellishments on the shoulder straps, and my first thought was that I could make a couple of interesting bracelets from them. And as it just so happened, they were just the right size for my wrist. Here’s how I did it~

Upcycled Embellished T-Shirt Bracelet


  • Jersey Knit tank top with embellishments
  • 1 inch Silver Ribbon End findings
  • Silver jump rings and a toggle clasp
  • E6000 Adhesive
  • Flat nosed beading pliers
  • Sharp fabric scissors

Embellished Tank upcycle


How to make a t-shirt bracelet

 With scissors, cut the embellished parts of the tank top off of the garment. Make sure you do not cut through the embellished mesh fabric part that is stitched onto the fabric, doing so may make it unravel and the beads could fall off.

trim jersey knit shirt to make a bracelet

Trim the base Jersey Knit fabric neatly across with sharp scissors, measuring for your wrist. My fabric is 5 3/4 inches before adding clamps or jump rings. {If your fabric isn’t large enough and you need to extend the bracelet size. just add more jump rings to the clasp}.

Add a line of E6000 adhesive to the ends of the fabric and pinch it together. {My fabric was very thick so adding the glue and pinching it together made it thinner and easier to insert inside the ribbon ends}. Plus it helps to keep the ribbon ends secure.

How to ribbon ends

While the glue is still wet, insert the fabric inside the ribbon end. Make sure all of fabric is neatly stuffed inside.

clamp ribbon ends with pliers

Crimp the ribbon end closed with smooth flat nosed pliers. Pressing down all the way across to make the teeth of the ribbon end clasp clamp together. Trim the corners of the fabric that extend beyond the ribbon end off. Repeat for the other end of the fabric.

Add jump rings and toggle to tshirt bracelet

Add jump rings and a toggle clasp and that’s it! Super easy craft!

Embellished Beaded T-Shirt Bracelet

This would make a great teen craft for a unique gift for Mother’s Day! So go shopping in your closet and be careful what you throw out, you never know what could make a great upcycle!

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Brilliant! I have some embellished shirts that have past their trend end date, but who’s sparkly beadedness I love. And I just saw findings like the one you used in the bead store and didn’t know what they were for. Now I know! My awesome new bracelets, fashioned after Made in ad Day! Thank you for sharing this and all your other clever and totally doable jewelry hacks.

    1. Your welcome! Glad you were inspired!

  2. Super duper cool bracelet!

  3. Beautiful! Looks so good. Pinned and tweeted. I hope to see you on Monday at 7, we can’t wait to party with you! Lou Lou Girls

    1. Thanks so much! Thank you for pinning to you Highlight board!

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