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DIY Valentine Arrow and Heart Wall Hanging

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Make a Valentine Arrow and Heart Wall Hanging. Fun DIY budget craft using inexpensive dollar store supplies. Glitter Heart wall art suspended from a branch. Super cute for home or office! See my Valentine’s Day page for more holiday fun!

Make this sweet Valentine heart wall hanging inexpensively using dollar store supplies.

I got together with some of my favorite bloggers to share Valentine’s Day crafts on a Budget!

We were given a budget of no more than $10 and a challenge to create a Valentine’s Day craft using items from the dollar store or dollar section of their local stores.

I found some red glitter hearts strung on fishing line. I cut them apart, restrung them and created this Valentine branch wall hanging!

I took some of the mini hearts included with the strung hearts and made them into arrows using decorative paper straws!

Arrow and Heart Wall Hanging


  • 3 Glitter Heart Hangers {$3 Dollar Tree}
  • Decorative Straws {$3 Target Dollar Section}
  • Bakers Twine {$1 Target Dollar Section}
  • Gold adhesive-backed paper or felt
  • Nylon thread
  • A tree branch from my yard
  • Hot glue & gun
  • Sharp scissors
Dollar Store valentine crafts


The glitter heart hangers are strung on fishing line. Cut them loose and separate them out by size.

Make an arrow from a straw

To make the arrows: Take a decorative straw and cut it down to around 4 inches. Pinch the end of the straw together and hot glue the small solid hearts to the end of the straw.

Straw arrow for mobile

Cut the feather end of the arrow out of gold adhesive back paper cut small slits in the paper and stick it to the end of the arrow. Make three and set aside.

Lay the tree branch out and line up your hearts in a random order so they compliment each other. Add in your arrows. Take needle and nylon thread and string up the hearts in the order you chose. To keep the hearts from moving down the string add a dot of glue to the string and pull your heart over the glue. Let the glue dry. Hot glue the arrows to the string.

How to string up a mobile

Tie the strings to the tree branch and put a dot of glue on the knot. Tie your baker’s twine to the branch, hang it up and enjoy! And that’s it! Super cute easy craft and completely inexpensive!

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  1. This is a great project! I love the hearts and arrows.

  2. The Dollar spot at Target is such a fun place! Your craft is so creative. I love it, especially the arrows dispersed between the hearts! Very pretty and fun!

  3. I’m always surprised how easy and how cool your projects are! Another great hit! Thanks for the inspiration.. this year’s Valentine’s day promises to be awesome!

    1. You are too sweet! Thanks so much Alexandra!

  4. This is great! I love that you hung it on a tree branch! A little rustic with the bright red and glitter. Awesome!

  5. This is adorable! I l LOVE how this turned out! Those glitter hearts are so pretty, and the color really pops against the wall and adds a perfect bit of Valentine’s Day decor to your home!

    1. Thanks so much! I’m glad you liked my hearts! Thanks for stopping by and for the sweet comment.

  6. I love everything about this! So cute and such a great idea. :)

    1. Thanks so much Lori and thanks for reading!

  7. Your crafts are always so cute and creative! I’m going to have to go back to the dollar store to get some of these glitter house to make one of these.

    1. Thank you Erlene! Glad you liked it!! You are too sweet!

  8. I am participating in the Budget Crafts Blog Hop too. I love how this turned out! I just got rid of some of those hearts in pink. Maybe I should go pull them out of the donation box! Thanks for the great idea!

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