Welcome to WigRevival.com

You may have found me through the URL wigrevival.com! You are in the right place… I do not have a dedicated site up for my hair topper posts and wig reviews yet. Since they started here, they temporarily share a home with my original blog Made in a Day!

Most of you do not know that before I was a blogger, I was an award-winning hair replacement technician. My career was pretty unique, I worked in the hair loss business training new stylists, cutting, coloring, and styling wigs and hairpieces for over 13 years.

This new part of my blog is where I am going to share my tips & tricks that I have learned throughout the years dealing with my fine and now slightly thinning hair. I will be doing wig and hair topper reviews for the pieces I wear and love! I will be introducing you to great companies that I work with and use to maintain my hairpieces.

Start reading my hair loss journey with the Fine Thin Hair Dilemma that a wrote around five years ago. It has all the products I use to combat my thinning hair issues. As my hair thinning progressed I wrote the Fine Thin Hair Dilemma #2.

These days I have graduated to wearing hair toppers, halos, and sometimes clip-ins. You can read about what they are and how they work in the Halo’s Wigs & Topper’s post. 

On a whim I opened a Facebook group to Buy Sell & Trade, New & Gently Used Hairpieces & Wigs!

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