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Winter Fun Snowball Wreath

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Looking for a way to bring the snowy wonder of winter inside? Try making this super easy Winter Fun Snowball Wreath! Just grab your hot glue gun, some fun fuzzy kids snowballs and a foam wreath to create your own wintery fun. This wreath is just one of many of my Christmas crafts on my holiday page!

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Did you see my Buffalo Plaid Tree Forest Entryway I posted? Well right smack in the middle of the post is this snowball wreath. This is such an easy wreath to put together. You could use foam balls, pom poms or a mix of the two. I used these cute fabric snowballs I found in the dollar section of Target. They are large 2 1/2 inch fur fabric stuffed balls.

These snowballs are for kids to throw at each other as a real snowball alternative. I knew the minute I saw them they needed to be on a wreath. So I grabbed around 8 packages (I didn’t want to run out). I used an 18-inch x 2-inch foam wreath as the base.

NOTE: If I had to do this project over again, I probably would have used a flat wood wreath form. Once I got started adding the balls to the 2-inch tall foam wreath I realized I either had to use even more balls to cover the sides of the foam wreath. So I think having a flat base would make the balls stack up and lay on each other a little better. A DIY cardboard base would work too! 

Winter Fun Snowball Wreath


white snowball wreath


add snowballs to wreath

Hot glue the snowballs close together on the outer edge of the wreath form.

How to make a snowball wreath

For the second and third-row: add the snowballs snug in the gaps between the first layer of snowballs. Add 1-inch poms in between the snowballs to hide any holes or large gaps between the snowballs. Make a bow out of buffalo check ribbon and wire it around one of the snowballs. Easy peasy!

Rustic Tree Forest Entryway Snowball wreath #snowball #buffaloplaid

Ski sled Buffalo plaid holiday entryway


Winter Fun Snowball Wreath, how to make a snowball wreath, #snowball, #winter wreath, #buffaloplaid, Super easy snowball wreath, winter wreath

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  1. Deirdre Henry says:

    Lovely Snow wreath. Wonderful craft.

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