DIY Tassel Key Chain Anthropologie Inspired

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#AnthroHack DIY Tassel Key Chain

I’m lovin the look of the Palo Alto Tassel Key Chain at Anthropologie! Tassels, tassels everywhere! I love tassels almost as much as dingle ball trim. Searching the web I came across this cute summer key chain bling to clip to your purse or keys, when I zoomed in on it I knew I could make one of my own!

My daughter got in on the fun as well, so I guess you could call this an easy teen project! We are now addicted to these bohemian tassels So much so I even went one step further with them, they deserve their own post and it is coming soon! Here’s how we made them~


DIY Tassel Key Chain #Anthrohack

Palo Alto tassel knockoff DIY



Tie Hemp cord to clip keychain

Cut the white hemp cord to measure 20 inches, fold it in half and loop it through the bottom loop on the clasp. Flip the ends through the loop and pull down tight on the ends. {I chose the hemp cord because if you bend it or tie it, it stays put. This cord is also small enough when doubled to go through the beads}.

Add your beads to tasselAdd your beads by inserting both strands of the hemp though the bead.

Tie floss to make tasselLayer your floss in the order you want your tassel color to be. {Some floss will be longer than others, so you may have to rewrap the strands, for example around a book, so they are all the same size}.

Insert the floss between the two hemp cords below the beads and double tie tightly. Then tie into a knot to secure. Trim off the leftover hemp.

wrap cord to make tasselFold the floss down. Cut another piece of hemp to around 9 inches. Wrap the hemp around the top of the floss and double tie the cord again. Wrap each end of the hemp around the floss then tie the ends and trim.

Wrap metallic floss on tasselCover this area with gold or silver metallic floss in the same manner as the hemp.

Trim the floss to make tasselGently comb the tassel and trim the bottom. And that’s it! Once you make the first one, you can make them rather quickly! So fun and easy to make!

Tassel Keychain Fob Anthropologie Hack

DIY Bohemain #Anthrohack inspired Tassel


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15 thoughts on “DIY Tassel Key Chain Anthropologie Inspired

    1. Yes, glad you liked them! Some are regular size, the mixed colored ones are larger than normal. Orange, pink & teal are the mixed colors.

  1. so glad i found this , i have been wanting the BoHo Tassle on Gypsyville but its so expensive . I could make your version for a lot less , im going to give it a whirl !

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