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Hi, it’s nice to meet you, I’m Kim. I’m a habitual DIY’er, shopper, and lover of good vibes. Living small on the coast of southern California.

My M.O.

If I can’t find what I am looking for off the shelf, then I have a knack for creating my own trendy DIY’s. Whether it is wall art, decor or fashion, this blog is all that plus my favorite foodie recipes. 

I am here to bring out your inner gypsy and help you rock your home space to give it that fun modern bohemian flair! 

It’s here that I share my fun home decor finds as I make my new/old 1950’s bungalow (AKA the surf shack) a home. Join me! 

Let’s take a quiz…

You are in the right place if you feel like you’re…

  • Totally stuck because you love the bohemian style with all of your heart but you are not sure how to blend it into your home or maybe you are not sure what your home style is. I get you, I had that problem for years…I’m here to help. See my Home.
  • Endlessly searching the internet for amazing free trendy art prints to help you create a look on the spot. Hey, I’ve got tons of them. 
  • Always seeing decor or fashion items and think to yourself, “that’s so simple, I can make that“! If you said yes, then I am pretty sure you are my soulmate.
  • Rifling through vintage stores to find quirky items that make your heart skip a beat and your home decor pop. Again, we are soulmates. 
  • Scanning Google images for kick-ass wreath designs that you can make to wow your neighbors with. FYI… my floral design skills are my superpower!
  • Looking for super delicious recipes that actually taste good, are family-friendly, and amazing. Try them for yourselfmy readers love them. 


I had no idea that my hobby of rummaging through thrift stores would somehow turn into a “how-to” blog and business. The World Wide Web was brand new and social media had not been born yet.

So here’s what I did while I waited for the tech world to catch up to me… 

When I was little I knew I wanted to be a hairstylist. I shampooed, cut, and styled all of my doll’s hair into the latest ’70s flyback styes. My techniques were stellar even at 6. 

My mother had a closet full of wigs that she would wear every day (it was so fun and awesome, I seriously loved her wigs). At that young age, I was exposed to the joy of being able to have whatever hairstyle you desired. Then wigs became outdated and frowned upon to wear. Ugh.. so dumb.

After graduation, I went off to cosmetology school. I worked in a few salons and then trained to be a hair replacement technician in Atlanta, GA. I worked diligently to hone my skills in the hair loss and wig industry for 13 years. 

In between all of that, I had two children and moved to Charlotte, NC into a large home with very little furniture that was basically a blank slate. At this point, the internet was finally picking up speed. 

When my youngest child started school, I enrolled in floral design school and while I was figuring out how to make my floral arrangements look somewhat presentable, I found Pinterest.

I found a secret online world of bloggers who, just like me, loved to ramble on about upcycling and creating beautiful spaces. I found a home. I found my tribe! 

I immediately created the Made in a Day blog and started posting my floral, DIY, and thrift store makeover creations. 

Next thing you know, my designs were getting noticed by my peers. Major companies I only dreamed of working with were emailing me. With stars in my eyes, I was hooked and never looked back. Fast forward to now. I’m living coastal in a 1950’s bungalow in Los Angeles, California (a little girl’s dream come true).

As for my love of hair, well that has come full circle for me. I am now the one with hair loss. After years of rubbing two hairs together to make three. I took the plunge and started wearing hair toppers (and maybe a wig or two). You can read all about my journey on my new blog Wig Revival


There is a saying “if you do what you love it isn’t work”. This is exactly how I feel about blogging. It has given me a platform to turn a hobby into a business where I share my fun creations and eclectic style. 

With the new blog Wig Revival, it is my way to continue to help women with their hair loss and provide expert hair advice to ease them into the transition of wearing “helper” hair. My goal is that they regain confidence and feel beautiful while wearing the hair of their dreams.

Professional BIO (in case, you’re into that sort of thing)

Kim Purvis is an independent designer, blogger, and cosmetologist specializing in wigs and hair loss. She’s designed floral and wall art for various magazines, sponsors, and has been an ambassador for some of her fav companies for the last 11 years. 

She recently created a second blog Wig Revival to expand her reach, share her knowledge in women’s hair loss, hair topper, and wig advice. 

She has been featured in print and credited in Woman’s World Magazine, Country Sampler Magazine’s Fall + Holiday Issues, and Flea Market Home & LivingSee the full features.

Kim lives with her husband Chris, a cybersecurity guru tech nerd, and their two dogs, Koda & Kali, in coastal Los Angeles. When she is not working she is waiting anxiously for her Mercari & Poshmark boxes to arrive, or endlessly scrolling for a paranormal or true crime show to binge. 

Kim holds a degree in floral design and is a licensed cosmetologist. She also dabbles in photography and does her own graphic design.

If you would like to chat, ask me a question, or work with me shoot me an email I’m happy to help!

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