Halloween Gourd Garland

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I love the rustic and unique shape of gourds.  They are fun to see cut to look like jack o’lanterns and displayed during Halloween.

The large size faux ones can be hard to find. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw these cuties at the craft store! The minute I saw them I knew they would become a cute garland!

This garland is super easy to make just paint three gourds black and add faces and string them up! Here’s the how-to:

Halloween Gourd Garland





Paint three gourds with black acrylic paint. Let it dry.


Paint a face on each gourd with white acrylic paint or paint pen. Tie jute twine around the top of the gourds to string them. Tie knots in each end of the jute twine. Hang up your garland and enjoy!




I have to say this is my new favorite decor for Halloween. The simplicity of these sweet spooky gourds look perfect on my fireplace. I’m in love!

Happy Halloween!


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6 thoughts on “Halloween Gourd Garland

    1. Thank you Amanda!I love those little gourds so much!

  1. So unique and cute! Thank you for linking up with us at #HomeMattersParty .See you again next week.

  2. Adorable! This is the cutest garland I have ever seen. I also love how easy and inexpensive it is to make! Pinned.

  3. This garland turned out so cute and I would have never thought of this! The colors really go well with the art on top of your mantel, too.


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