Valentine Heart + Faux Fur Topiaries Mantle Decor

Are you in the mood for love yet? Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Time to get your plan together for the big day!

Today I am teaming up with my friends from Oriental Trading Company again to spruce up the mantle for Valentine’s Day. The hearth is the heart of the home, so it is only fitting we dress it up on the one holiday that focuses on love!

I made a couple of heart topiaries out of large Foam Glitter Hearts from Oriental Trading’s Valentine Shop.  Mount a glittery heart in a tall galvanized bucket and fill the top of the base with faux fur for a cool trendy project!

Valentine Heart + Faux Fur Topiaries Mantle Decor


  • Foam Glitter Hearts
  • 2 Galvanized Tall Pots
  • 2  36 inch Wood Dowels
  • 4 Foam Disc’s: Size: (2) 3 inch, (2) 4 inch
  • Decorative Rocks


Decide the height you would like the topiary to be. Trim the dowel down to around 27 inches or where needed. Trim the hangers off of the foam heart. Push the dowel through the center of the bottom of the heart about halfway through. Remove the heart from the dowel.

Place the 3-inch foam disc in the bottom of the galvanized pot. Make a hole in the center of the foam with the dowel. Remove dowel and add decorative rocks for weight. This will keep the topiary from toppling over.

Place the 4-inch disc inside the pot and push it down into the pot. Push dowel through the center of the 4-inch foam and then down into the hole in 3-inch foam disc. Replace the heart back down on the dowel.

Cut a 4 inch square of fur fabric with a razor blade.

Tip: Cut fur fabric with a razor blade on the base side of the fabric. This allows you to cut the base only, not through the fur on the “right” or fur side. 

Cut a diagonal line from one corner to the center of the square. Wrap it around the dowel and tuck in edges. Fluff the fur and that’s it!

These sweet topiaries would make great centerpieces for Valentine parties, Bat Mitzvahs, Graduation parties, you name it.

Did you notice the large “LOVE” letters in my mantle picture above? I have to say I am over the moon “in love” with them.

They are so sparkly and fun! I may keep them up all year!

Did you know Oriental Trading has some items that they customize? I had them customize this Famous Couples Sign for me with our names on it. How cute is that!

They also sent me this adorable Conversations Heart Garland! I love the ribbon tied between the hearts. So sweet.

Items found in this post from Oriental Trading Company:

Foam Glitter Heart • Galvanized Tall Pots • Silver LOVE Sign • Famous Couples Sign Heart Tree Centerpiece • Chocolate Foil Conversation Heart Candy • Glass Jar (set)

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