Baby Blanket & Onesie Cupcakes!

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Onesie Cupackes Tutorial

My friend had a baby shower for her Sister-in-law last weekend and so of course I scoured the internet for a great shower gift and came across many, many versions (and videos) of these cute cupcakes made of blankets & onesies! So I combined a couple of features and added my own twist to these beauties by adding a headband in the center and wow were they a hit! They came out soo cute! Here’s how I made them:

Onesie Cupcakes

Materials needed: 4 receiving blankets, 4 cotton onesies, 4 elastic Baby Headbands bows, 4 Take & Toss Toddler Bowls, straight pins and Wilton Window 12 x 12 x 6 Inch Cake Box.

how to make onesie cupcakes

First fold the blanket in half, then fold with open ends toward the center in 2 1/12 in folds. Fold your onesie in half sleeves in. Place the headband long ways on the snap end of the onesie and roll tightly, (kind of like you are rolling dough for a croissant). Pin with two straight pins to keep it secure. Then begin to roll, really tight as you go, wrapping one end of the blanket around the onesie all the way to the other.

Place inside the bowl, tucking the end of the blanket down inside the bowl. Place them in a cake box and that’s it~ instant cuteness!!! Now if I were really crafty, at the time I would have also made a wrapper for that bowl, but I was late getting it done. (You can also place the the rolled blankets in large cupcake liners, coffee filters or just tied with a bow instead of the bowl version). Just Google them, click “Images” and see the endless versions out there.

Blanket & Onesie Cupcake

Here is one version without the headband.

Onesie Cupcake how-to

Add some stuffed love and what a cute instant gift!

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