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Chalkboard Flocked Ornaments

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Chalkboard Flocked Foam Ornaments madeinaday.com

Today let’s make some Chalkboard and Plaid painted and flocked ornaments! The fab girls at FloraCraft® MakeIt:Fun® Crafts gave me some of their new EPS Floracraft® Foam Shapes to makeover this month! How cute are these sweet holiday foam characters and shapes?

FloraCraft® Foam Holiday shapes Flocked Ornaments madeinaday.com

This is the last in my series of posts to change my holiday decor over to the trendy plaid and chalkboard look. I love the look of large ornaments on a Christmas tree and when I opened the box and saw how big these foam pieces actually are, I knew they would be great for a tall tree. You can find the ornaments at your local Michaels Craft Store.

Even the busiest moms can make these ornaments in a couple of hours. The longest part was waiting for the paint to dry. Adding the sparkle was the easy part! So let’s go make some ornaments~

Plaid and Chalkboard Painted Ornaments



Chalkboard painted ornaments

Paint the chalkboard areas first. You do not need to be super perfect on your painting because they will be covered with Epsom Salt and the FloraCraft® Diamond Dust so the flaws will not show. I painted the red and a thin coat of white on the white areas. Next, take a white chalkboard pen and draw accents on the chalkboard colored painted areas.

Add doll eyes to foam santa

For the FloraCraft® Santa and the FloraCraft® Snowman, you will need to either draw the eyes on or you can use plastic doll eyes. I used doll eyes on the Santa’s and drew the eyes on the snowmen.

Paint the Santa’s face tan and draw on some eyebrows. Paint the snowman’s nose orange. Let the paint dry thoroughly.

How to add snow Flock ornaments

Pour Epsom salts into a plastic container to dip the ornaments into. Use another plastic container for the FloraCraft® Diamond Dust. The Floracraft® Diamond Dust is made of fine glass, so please use precautions for your hands and around children.

Take the clear drying glue and paint it over the accents only on chalkboard pen areas.

Dip or pour Epsom Salts over the ornament. This will end up looking like snow. Next, I lightly sprayed spray glue over the top areas of the ornament and then gently sprinkled the FloraCraft® Diamond Dust over the ornament.

Shake off the excess and let them dry. Repeat for each ornament. The dust is what gives it that spark!

add a plaid scarf to snowman ornament

Next, you can add embellishments and ribbon. I added ribbon with hot glue on the snowman.

Embellishing foam snowman ornaments

I added holiday floral stems with hot glue on the snowmen and Santa’s hats. I also made the Snowman’s nose shiny with copper glitter.

easy ornament hangers with jump rings

An easy way to add a nice tree hanger is to use an open eye pin and a jump ring inserted into the foam and secured with glue. Add a thin ribbon tie it in a knot and that’s it!

Chalkboard Snow Flocked Snowman Ornament madeinaday.com

Flocked Chalkboard Snowflake Ornament madeinaday.com

These came out so great. They are now my favorite ornaments! I had not used the FloraCraft® Diamond Dust before either and I must say I am in love with it!

It gives your projects that professional sparkle you only see in store bought items. I plan on dousing everything that needs a boost from now on! Lol!

Chalkboard Flocked Tree Ornament madeinaday.com

Diamond Dust Ornaments madeinaday.com

Snow Covered Chalkboard Ornaments madeinaday.com

Happy Holidays!!!


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  1. I love these! I am going to have to make this quickly if I want them on my tree this year! I will definitely be sharing these! Thank you for linking up with us at the Tips and Tricks Link Party! I cannot wait to see your posts from this week!

    1. Glad you liked them Gabby! You could always get them and make them for next year, Happy Holidays!

  2. Omgeeeeeeee!!!!These would look so good on my tree! I’m doing plaid this year too and L.O.V.E these! I saw these at Micheals the other day and I’m going back to get a few of these to make this. Love love love!

  3. Gwen Simmons says:

    So cute! love what you did with these foam ornaments. Particularly like the chalkboard effect on the snowflake and tree.

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