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Colorful Baja Boho Fringe Wall Hanging

Brighten up any room with this Colorful Baja Boho Fringe Wall Hanging. I used a parka and some yarn to create this super simple beauty! Find more projects like this on my Boho Tropical tutorial page.

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I love the laid-back bohemian style of my home and lately, I’ve been busy creating unique home decor items to replace my former style. Boho wall hangings are one of my favorite ways to bring in color and interest to a room.

I recently mounted a large tapestry over my fireplace in my family room. That post is will be debuting soon. It is 6 feet tall and full of bright colors. It really awakened the room with its large presence. In order to bring some color into the room to compliment the new tapestry, I made this fun Anthropolgie inspired colorful Baja boho fringe wall hanging using fabric and yarn.

The fabric used in this wall hanging had once been one of my favorite hoodies. I shrunk it in the washing machine and it was never the same. Now it lives on in this wall hanging. I think the tribal pattern of the fabric compliments the yarn colors perfectly.

Colorful Baja Boho Fringe Wall Hanging


  • Gold Metal Macrame Rings: Size: 6 inch, 10 inch
  • Yarn: Grey, White, Black, Fuchsia, Orange/Pink /Red /Yellow Ombre (Isaac Mizrahi Sutton Yarn: Columbus)
  • Wood Beads: (2) Round, (2)Oval (Michaels)
  • Gold Beads
  • Nylon String: Black
  • Gold Split Jump Ring: 1 inch
  • Patterned Fabric: Black & White
  • 8.5 x 5-inch long piece of Cardboard
  • Rotary Cutter & Mat
  • Hot Glue & Gun
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Floral Wire


Bottom 10 inch Loop:

Cut grey yarn to 64 inches each. It’s easier if you fold the yarn in half and measure it on a yardstick.

Place the folded end under the edge of the ring. Make a simple loop by pulling the ends of the string through the loop. Pull string to tighten.

Cut fabric into 1-inch wide x 20+ inch long strips.

Lay the fabric strips over the yarn (not shown) and glue them leaving 2-3 loops of yarn apart. Smooth out the yarn and cut the bottom edge into an inverted “v” or a slant with sharp scissors.

Top 6 Inch Loop:

Cut 3 sections at 64 inches long of each color of yarn. Repeat the looping of the yarn like mentioned above.  Trim the ends of the yarn with sharp scissors in a “v” shape.

Large Black Tassel:

Wrap the black yarn 40 times around the long 8.5-inch side of the cardboard.

Take a 12 inch piece of yarn and loop it through one end of the wrapped yarn on the cardboard. Tie it into a tight knot. Pull the yarn off of the cardboard.

Tie a small piece of yarn one inch below the first knot around the whole bundle of yarn.

Cut the loops off of the end to make the tassel.

Fold a 4-inch piece of plant wire in half over the top tassel yarn. Pull the wire through the oval wood bead, Tie a knot at the top of the bead. Tie the tassel to the center of the 6-inch loop.

Tying it All Together:

Lay the small hoop inside the large hoop. Cut a 24-inch piece of black nylon string.

Tie the two hoops together at the top in a double knot. Add a dot of hot glue to secure the knot. Wrap the nylon ends of string around each side of the know and glue the ends down. Cut a 36-inch string and tie it to the center of the wrapped nylon string.

Add a gold bead then two round wood beads, a gold bead, oval wood bead and a gold bead. Leave some space then tie a knot in the string. Add the end of the nylon string to the large split jump ring like you would add a key to a keychain.

NOTE: The two other braided strings with tassels and beads were the pull cords on my dress. They are very easy to make just braid some yarn and add beads. Tie to each side of the 6-inch loop.



I really love the colors within this hanger! The black and white tribal fabric makes the colors pop! Boho hangers are one of my favorite crafts/home decor items to make. Stay tuned I have a pretty grey and beige one coming soon on the blog!


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  1. I love the bright colors! You do boho so well. Shared on FB and Pinterest!

  2. This is gorgeous, Kim! I love the colors and the pattern on the black and white fabric! Already pinned :)

  3. I saw this on Twitter and had to come over to check this out. So pretty! I love the boho/tribal look!

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