Shopaholics Guide on How to Sell Stuff Fast on Mercari

Looking for the best tips and tricks on how to sell stuff fast on Mercari? Then this post is for you! Go from beginner to winner with my top notch selling tips. For more fun posts see my Shop pages.

Shopaholics Guide on How to Sell Stuff Fast on Mercari

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Today I want to talk about one of my favorite things to do! Shop online! When the pandemic hit and the stores all closed we all had to turn to online businesses to get what we needed.

It started when I was looking for a pair of really cute winter boots and they were sold out everywhere online. That is everywhere except Mercari! I found them brand new in the box and half the price of the ones I was trying to buy from Nordstroms.

After that, I was hooked. I started cleaning out my closets and selling my brand new and gently used wardrobe. Now I know some of you are like “ew, ick” when it comes to shopping second-hand.

But, you are able to use a search filter to buy new items too. There’s something for everyone. Tell me you don’t have clothing with the tags still on in your closet right now that you haven’t worn? That’s what I’m talking about! Sell those first!

I sold all my pre-pandemic styles and now I have a closet full of gorgeous styles from Anthropologie, Free People, Ann Taylor, Rothy’s, and other boutique brands that I may not have found in my size or in stock. I have the closet of my dreams. Seriously it has never been this good.

And when I am done wearing or (hoarding those items) I can resell them and buy more. As you can see above I have made over $5,000.00 from things that were just taking prime real estate space in my closet.

Mercari also has home decor, sporting equipment, kitchen items, toys, jewelry, crafts, small furniture, and more! You name it, then it’s probably on there. I have been selling my Park Lane Jewelry items on there too!

Here’s how it works…

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You can follow me on the Mercari phone app on my profile if you like my listings. I am always adding new things.

My Tips on Selling on Mercari

#1 List your item.

mercari listing

Take really good pictures of your items from all angles and the tags. Mercari allows up to 12 images per post. For me this is key. The better the pics, the more browsers you will get. I take mine in my bedroom near a large window with lots of natural light. My wall and doors are white so the colors pop pretty well in that room.

Online Selling Lingo:

Be prepared to see a lot of weird sayings on listings. Here are some of the most popular ones people use.

  • NWT = New With Tags
  • NWOT= New Without Tags
  • EUC= Excellent Used Condition
  • BNIB= Brand New In Box
  • ISO= In Search Of
  • FIRM= Price not negotiable, no haggling
Mercari listing description

Measure your clothing items. Even though an item says it is an XL doesn’t mean it measures as one. Different brands vary from size to size. I measure blouses across the chest from armpit to armpit. If the total is 24 inches you times it by 2 which would equal 48 inches all the way around.

I also measure the length from the shoulder to the hem. For pants, I measure the waist, hips, and inseam. It’s good to know your own measurements so you can shop as well!

Be VERY descriptive in your titles and description sections. List the brand name, color(s), fabric type, measurements, and flaws or pilling if they are not new. If you do not disclose the flaws they may be returned or refunded. Just be honest and you will have no issues!

Figure out a price for your item. I usually look up my item and see what others are charging. I try to go a little lower than the highest numbers unless my item is in better condition.

Just because you paid $100 for an item 5 years ago does not mean it is still worth that. Price for today.

You want to move your items not sit on them for long periods of time. I mark my items up around 15% which leaves room to negotiate offers.

Check the shipping. Weigh the item and choose the cheapest or best shipping option. I use a scale to weigh my items. If you have the wrong shipping weight you may be charged for the correct one or the item will be returned to you. Be sure to check the shipping even though it defaults to a price that could be wrong.

Click “LIST” and list your item. Edit it if needed.

I lower my prices every Friday on my newer more expensive items. It helps start the weekend sales. I make most of my sales on Sunday.

What is a Bundle?

I always offer to bundle items in my description. Bundles allow someone to buy multiple items for one shipping cost. To do this you make a new listing with the items they want and MAKE SURE TO >>>edit the shipping to match the weight of all items.

If you forget and use the wrong postage it will be returned to you to ship it again. Name the bundle for the person buying it and message them to purchase the items from the new listing. Fill in all of the other queries on the listing. Then delete or deactivate the listings of the single items you had for sale.

Ok, so I listed it now what?

I also sell items on Poshmark! Crossposting to other platforms is a great idea and can double or triple your chances of a sale. I take my listings from Mercari and I duplicate them on Poshmark!

EBay is a good place to sell too! I put my expensive items on eBay. The other platforms charge too much on items over $100 and you will not make as much.

poshmark profile listing

I add a few extra dollars per item to the sale prices because Poshmark’s fees are higher than Mercari’s. I do however like the shipping options better on Poshmark. It’s one flat fee of $7.45 up to 5lbs. Mercari’s shipping is editable and sometimes more pricey for heavier items.

Someone Messaged me about an Item!

That’s great! You can message each other back and forth until the item sells. That is where you can make bundle deals, accept offers, and ask about measurements.

Someone made me an offer!

Ok, this is where it gets serious. You can either accept the offer, counteroffer or decline it.

Here’s how it works! If you find an item and you think it is a fair price buy it! But, if you think you want to negotiate, it never hurts to try. Most people will be happy to make/accept an offer. I usually ask for 15% below the listed price and go from there.

likes on Mercari

You can also get offers from items by clicking the blue heart to “like” the item. This will show on the seller’s dashboard and then they can send out a special offer for the “likers” of their item. Act quickly though if you want it, the offers go to all of the “likers” not just you.

I made a sale, yay! Now what?

Ok, so you’ve negotiated and the person decided to buy your item. That’s awesome! On your desktop: Click on your profile image then scroll down and click the” Sellers Dashboard“. There you will see all of your, balance, stats, and insights on your sales. On the left column under “Active Listings” click on the orders in progress. That will open up a list of sales that need your attention.

Click the blue “View Order” button next to the order and go to the “Order Status” page to download the shipping label. Print out the prepaid label and pack your items. Attach the label and drop your package off at the correct postal carrier. Then go back in and confirm your shipment, the buyer will get an email with a tracking number. That’s it! Super simple.

What packaging do you use?

I love pretty packaging. Don’t you just love getting nice things in the mail? Well if you are using Mercari as a business then packaging is everything! I bought large pink poly mailing envelopes, medium-sized pink bubble envelopes and I save the boxes that I get in the mail from Amazon or wherever to use for larger items.

I wrap my clothing items in pink tissue paper and add a fun thank you sticker to the outside. It just looks nicer than throwing something in a bag and shipping it. There are no rules on how you prepare to ship. This is just my personal style.

Buying on Mercari

Buying on Mercari is easy. When you find something you like. First, like it by clicking the heart. Then make an offer and wait for a message from the seller. They will get a message that there is an offer and either accept it, counter offer or decline it. You can negotiate on the message as well.

If you are buying a high-priced item always check the ratings on the seller. Go to their profile, click on the star rating, and read the reviews other buyers have left. If there are a lot of negative reviews I would skip this item and find another one.

I Bought Something, What do I do Now?

Nothing! Sit back and wait for it to arrive. You can check the tracking number on the order.

If someone abandons their listing, ignores the sale, and does not ship the item you bought you can cancel the order Mercari will refund you. You can cancel an order any time before the seller ships. If the order ships but has not been tracked you will have the option to cancel in 7 days.

I received my item and I love it, but what do I do now?

You have 3 days to review the item and rate the seller. Go to the dashboard in your app or desktop, find the order, and accept it. This is how the person who sent it to you gets paid. So many people forget this step and then you end up waiting 3 days for Mercari to accept it for you. Being a quick shipper and rater is good for your reviews!

Ok, so I don’t Love it…

Of course, if your package is damaged or the item is not in the condition described you can ask for a return. DO NOT RATE THE SELLER if you plan to do this.  Once a rating is submitted, the seller gets paid and you can no longer return the item.

rate a buyer on mercari

The next step is they get to rate you!

For more detailed info about how exactly Mercari works, see their help desk section before you start listing.

Sounds fun! How do I get Started?

First, visit Mercari.com on your desktop computer to sign up. Add your personal and credit card info. Then download the app on your phone and start listing!

SIGN UP FOR MERCARI >> Here is my invitation link.

SEE MY PROFILE>> kmadeinaday

Love it? Pin it?

I hope you have enjoyed this post! Selling on Mercari has become a fun hobby for me! A hobby that you can make money from!

Shopaholics Guide How to Sell Stuff Fast on Mercari


  1. Hi Kim! Thank you so much for this tutorial and advice. Are you able to share a Mercari “store” website like sellers on Etsy can? Like on a business card?

    1. Thanks, Annie, I don’t see why you can’t share the store URL. I have it listed here on my blog.

  2. Cynthia Miller says:

    Thanks Kim lots of good advice!! Question… I signed up a few years ago but did not sell anything… I don’t recall linking a bank so how will Mercari know where to send my payment do you know?

    1. Hi Cindy,
      Go into your profile> account settings> payment settings and add the credit card there. Glad to help! It’s fun and stop taking clothes to Goodwill, sell them!

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