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How to Make a Darth Vader Sharpie Mug & Free Printables

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Looking for a gift for those Star Wars loving dads?  My Darth Vader Sharpie Mug & Free Printables project could be the perfect last-minute gift! For more fun printables see my Free Printables page.

Darth Vader Sharpie Mug tutorial, Who's Your Daddy

Here is a last minute gift for all the Star Wars loving geeky dads out there. Are you a Star Wars fan or maybe you just want a cool DIY Star Wars sharpie mug for your morning Joe. Then this is the place to learn how to make your own mug! I made this mug using a sharpie and a stencil I created using my Silhouette Cameo. I am also giving away a free SVG cut file to make this cutie! See below.

If you do not have a die cutting machine and still want to give something cool to dad. I am providing a couple of FREE Printables that you can use as a guide for your mug or just frame them and hang them for dad on his special day! How cool is that? First, let’s make a mug!

Darth Vader Sharpie Mug


Download the SVG file


Silhouette Cameo Instructions:

Make your stencil by uploading the file provided above. Then set measurements in the SVG file of the helmet and wording so they are set to the ones I used on my mug.

Use my size or resize the image for the mug you are going to use.

Cut out your stencil on vinyl or contact paper. (Note: When using contact paper with the Silhouette Cameo using the vinyl setting).

Darth Vader Mug Star Wars

When I use a stencil I first put the background of the stencil onto the mug.

Star Wars Mug with a Stencil

Then add back each element as if it were one shape. This will ensure you get the shapes straight and in the right areas.

Darth Vader mug with a stencil

Then remove the areas to be stenciled. Heat up the contact paper with a blow dryer to ensure the glue would stick tightly to the mug before you started drawing with the sharpie. Smooth out any bubbles.

Sharpie mug Darth Vader Who's Your Daddy

Gently draw with your sharpie and fill in the areas within the stencil.

Using a stencil on a sharpie mug

Remove the stencil. Touch up any bleed-throughs with alcohol and Q-tips or hand drawn with a sharpie to correct mistakes.

After applying wait 24 hours. Then put your mug in a cold oven. Turn on oven temp to 425 degrees and set the timer for 30 minutes. When the timer goes off turn the oven off, leaving the project in the oven until it’s completely cool. Hand wash and/or do a test run in the dishwasher.

Star Wars Printables, Darth Vader Printables, The force is strong with this one

Great for Dad, your office or a child’s room!

Prints are 8 x 10. Print on white cardstock, trim to fit your frame & enjoy!

See my printable disclosure for more info. Font used is SF Distant Galaxy & Darth Vader Image is from IconFinder.com

All SVG Files and PDF’s found on Made in a Day are for Personal Use Only and Not for Resale. 

See my printable disclosure for more info. Font used is SF Distant Galaxy & Darth Vader Image is from IconFinder.com

And if you use any of my free printables, of course, I would love to see what you do! Please tag me on Instagram @kim_madeinaday

DIY Darth Vader Sharpie Mug Father's Day

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  1. So perfect for star wars dad’s. I love it!

  2. This is an awesome idea! Do you know if this method would work on regular glasses?

    1. I think sharpie may wash off of regular glasses. When you bake the mug it sets the sharpie into the finish. There is glass paint you could try. I would still hand wash it in case it starts to wear off.

  3. Cool project! I was wondering, how well does this mug look after a year? I have seen many Sharpie mug projects, but they always fade quickly.

    1. Hi Paulina, This one has only been washed and used a few times and then became a pen holder on my husbands desk, so I really don’t know how it will hold up for a year or so. It is one of his favs though. Glad you liked it, and thanks for reading.

  4. Thank you very much for joining in and making our Bowdabra Crafty Saturday Showcase, we will look forward to seeing your post next Saturday.

    Warm Regards,
    The Bowdabra Team

  5. This is so awesome! Thank you for sharing and linking up. I’m going to be featuring you in the upcoming Friday Favorites (picking my faves early!). Have a great weekend Kim!

    1. Oh great I can’t wait to see it! Thank you!! Have a great weekend!

  6. What a great gift idea – thanks for the inspiration! My dad and brother are huge star wars fans, so I’m off to the store to get the supplies…

    1. Glad you liked it! I think it would be a great gift anytime of the year, so many fans out there. Thanks for stopping by! Kim

  7. I’ve never thought about doing something like this with a Sharpie! It’s too late for me to do this for Father’s Day, however my husband’s birthday is coming up. This is such a cute idea!

    1. I almost didn’t make it, but then I realized it could great all year! Thank you for the sweet comment! I’m glad you liked it!

  8. I’m so in love with this! I grew up with Star Wars and I would want one of these for me :-)

    1. My husband & son are star wars nuts! Thanks so much for the love! :)

  9. This is fantastic! I’ve never thought of doing something like this with a sharpie! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you! I would of had to buy a dozen mugs to get one right, lol.

  10. so creative! My husband loves, is obsessed rather, with Star Wars. This would be great for him, but sadly I do not own a silhouette. We will see how a free hand approach works.

    1. You could always print it out on cardstock and cut out letters out with a x-acto knife. Then use it as a stencil. :)

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