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Fun Urban Decorating with Rattan Furniture and Decor

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Rattan basket wall art is all the rage these days. Modern urban boho style is all about decorating with rattan furniture and decor. Browse these popular styles! Check my Interiors page for more fun ideas.

Fun Urban Decorating with Rattan Furniture and Decor

I have always been drawn to rattan. When I was little we had one of those large grand peacock rattan chairs. Sitting in it felt like you were a queen on a beautiful island.

That chair is long gone these days but my love for rattan is still going strong. Especially since there are so many new styles for it these days.

Decorating with Rattan Furniture

Let me show you some of my favorite finds and some beautiful pics of how to use them in certain decor scenarios.

What is Rattan Material?

Rattan is a strong fibrous plant, similar to bamboo. It is a vine that is found in Australia, Asia, and Africa. It is used in furniture or decor pieces because it is lightweight, flexible, and durable.

Rattan or Wicker?

Rattan is sometimes called wicker, but they are actually two very different things. Wicker is a style of weaving, not the material.

Let’s get started.

Natural Rattan Basket Wall Art Set

Let’s start with rattan basket wall art. If you are an avid thrift store hunter, you can easily find these types of baskets on your hunt. Thrift stores not for you? Then the sets below are a great place to start.

Natural Rattan Mirror Ideas

rattan basket lighting

Fun rattan mirrors and wall art are great pieces to add character to your home. They come in lots of shapes and sizes. They are the must-have item when decorating with boho decor.

Rattan Home Decor

Rattan Home Decor

Rattan home decor items also have my heart! I think I need one of each of these items. That sweet rainbow would look great in a baby’s room or bathroom!

Rattan Basket Lighting

Rattan Basket Lighting

Cool rattan lighting for your home or patio is all the rage in home decor today. Large or small there are so many lighting options to choose from. It was super hard to pick my favorites.

Rattan Plant Stands

rattan cane plant stand

Oh, how I love a great plant stand to decorate with in a room. I found some of the coolest stands. I have that two tiered stand in my cart right now!

Rattan Bar Stools

wicker and rattan bar stools

Rattan bar stools are always a great choice to create a fun tropical feel in a room. Indoors or out you can feel like you are at a coastal resort.

Rattan Chairs

rattan chair ideas

Rattan chairs are probably the most popular furniture item to add an accent to a room or patio. There is just something about rattan outside. It reminds me of being in Hawaiian resort.

Wicker Rattan Beds

Wicker Rattan Beds

I remember when I was little in the 70’s and rattan headboards were super popular. Everyone had them. Well, they’ve made a comeback and now they are even better than before.

Rattan Swing Chair with Stand

Rattan Swing Chair with Stand

My personal favorite is the rattan swing. Most of them are now made of rattan look, polyester fiber for durability. They still have the gorgeous look of rattan but they last longer in the elements.

I hope you have enjoyed my tour of my favorite rattan furniture and decor picks! I know I found a few pieces I need in my home right now. Enjoy!

Fun Urban Decorating with Rattan Furniture and Decor


  1. Living in South Africa we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to rattan furniture and works of art. We can even pick up handmade bargains for sale on the side of the road so I really enjoyed all the beauties you’ve showcased here Kim. Love the basket lights so much.

  2. I love love Rattan! I have been collecting it for years now and see some amazing pieces in your wonderful post. My favorite is my rattan bar cart.

  3. Kim, I love this. I didn’t understand the difference between rattan and wicker. My guest bedroom has wicker furniture and your rattan creations will look great in there. Thank you?

    1. I didn’t know the difference either until I wrote this post. I thought rattan was fancier wicker, lol.

  4. I’ve always been drawn to rattan too, but my husband hates it. I have to find a way to bring some back into our decor – lol! Maybe I could convince him to install a swing.

    1. Ha, my husband hates it too! But he’s ok with it if it made from something other than rattan, like woven plastic. I sneak in baskets and small things, lol.

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