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Gorgeous DIY Copper Wool Roving Macrame Wall Hanging

Looking for large organic wall art that you can create yourself in minutes? Then this Gorgeous Wool Roving Macrame Wall Hanging in Minutes project is for you! For more creative wall art see my Home Decor selection and make something special for your abode.

merino wool roving macrame wall hanging wall art, Chunky Wool Wall hanging

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We went to Los Angelas a couple of weeks ago for a summer vacation. While I was there I ended up walking right into a fun festival in the middle of Santa Monica. One of the coolest things I saw was a collection of semi-woven wool roving macrame wall hangings for sale. This large puffy fiber is called wool roving. Wool roving is the fiber used to make yarn before it is spun. You can also use this fiber for felting.

This simple project is for you all that just do not have the patience or skill for intricate macrame knotting. I used simple knots and copper pipe fittings to separate and join the fiber in a pattern. This is hands down one of the easiest home decor projects I have made yet! Although it is simple to make it also looks amazing and makes a huge statement in your home decor. You could literally fill a large space or a small space with a wall hanging like this. Here is how I put it all together!

DIY Copper Wool Roving Macrame Wall Hanging


merino wool and copper bead wall art


Cut wool roving strips: Seven strips at 6 ft a piece.wool strips

Tie the wool around the wood dowel using Lark’s Head Knots.

Lark's Head knots wool roving macrame

Spread the knots out evenly and adjust them so they all look relatively the same.

knotting wool roving

Cut an 8-inch piece of floral wire to help with adding the copper beads.

how to feed a bead through wool roving

Fold the wire in half and add it over the ends of two sections.

Add a copper bead to wool roving wall hanging

Pull the ends of the wire through the copper bead until both ends come through the bead. Pull the bead up the wool and place inches from the top knot. If you notice I added a bead to only one strand on the ends. The center strands go into the beads two at a time. Repeat all the way across strands.

Square knot in wool roving

Around 5 inches or so below the copper beads, tie a square knot into the two strands that are side by side.

Tie a square knot in merino wool

A square knot to me is a double knot. Just fold the ends over twice and pull until snug. Repeat knots all the way across strands. Even out the copper beads and knots until every one lines up evenly.

copper bead wool roving wall hanging simple macrame

Pull two strands from the second knot in on both sides and pull them through a bead. Fluff up all the strands and trim the ends evenly. Tie a piece of cotton crochet thread on either side of the dowel to use as a hanger. Hang up your new wool roving macrame and enjoy!

boho wool roving wall hanging

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  1. Hi Kim, thanks for sharing this DIY! I used the same roving that you listed in your materials, but had issues with it getting fuzzy as I was working with it. Did you felt your roving beforehand?

    1. Hi Nehal,
      At the time that was the only way to buy wool roving, now it’s in all the craft stores. I did not felt it, but I did work with it some to get the pattern right so maybe that helped do the same as felting. After it was all together I trimmed the fuzz off with sharp scissors. I hope this helps.

      1. Hi Kim, it does! I’ll try cutting the fuzz off with scissors. Thanks :)

  2. I love this tutorial! Thank you! How do you keep the roving from getting fuzzy when working with it?

  3. This is just simply GORG! I probably wouldn’t have the patience to figure it out, but I LOVE. I just got a blanket at Hobby Lobby with this kind of knotting and it is so gorgeous (and so much cheaper to buy at Hobby Lobby when its 50% off than full price at a boutique or etsy shop!). They’re all the rage right now!


    1. Thanks so much Carrie! I may need to go to Hobby Lobby and look for the blanket to go with this piece. I agree on it being cheaper at Hobby Lobby. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. WOW!! Does this ever bring back memories from the 80’s!!! Thanks so muchf or stopping by!!

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