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DIY Extra Long Lumbar Pillow from a Throw

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Looking for a stylish yet affordable way to get your hands on the perfect accent pillow? My DIY extra long lumbar pillow from a throw blanket is the most inexpensive way to get this latest trend! For more posts like this see my DIY Home Decor page.

DIY Extra Long Lumbar Pillow From a Throw Blanket

This all started with me feeling the need to lighten my bedroom to make it feel bigger. Since we are living small these days we need all the inches we can get. I wanted a bright feel so I painted my bedroom basic Behr Ultra-white. Ultra White is plain paint in the can as it comes before the color is added.

I the previous color was basic Behr color Swiss Coffee. Which is a beigey cream color. It made the 1950’s plaster walls look dingy and dirty. Adding a fresh coat of Ultra-white paint made a huge difference in how large the rooms look. So crisp and clean. Repairing years of dings and holes made the room look like a new build.

We wanted the room to pop but the southern California sun can be super bight in the morning. I went with a Blackout Room Darkening Curtain in the color Blaze.

When I first moved in, you may remember my bedroom in my Master Bedroom reveal post. I ditched the blue bedding and dark furniture and went with a lighter look. After sleeping on a queen mattress for a few months we decided we needed space, lol. It’s so hard to go down to queen from a king size. I do not recommend it, lol.

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We gave our daughter our Crate & Barrel Blair Storage Bed and bought a Room & Board Hudson Storage Bed in grey. Then we bought a white desk for me to use as a vanity and a white shelving unit to hold the tv and store my hair toppers.

Lastly, we needed new bedding. To feel like we had more room around the bed since it was now 13 inches wider we wanted a tuck-in style thin coverlet. I found the perfect one at TJMaxx. The only unperfect thing about it was there were no shams to match. Ugh! I hate that!

My next thought is I’ll just get throw pillows to match. Ha, no such luck! After days and days of long internet searching, I came up with nothing that looked right or was in my budget.

What I did find however was extra long lumbar pillows popping up everywhere. The ones I liked were super pricey, like $150 a piece pricey. Big no. That’s when I decided to improvise! I would get a funky throw blanket and make my own long oversized lumbar bolster pillow for a fraction of the price! Here’s how I made it!

DIY Extra Long Lumbar Pillow from a Throw



BEFORE YOU BEGIN: The 60×50 size throw blanket fits perfectly within the size of a king size mattress. If you have a smaller bed, sofa or chair you may need to find a smaller throw or cut the throw down smaller to fit the size or the item you are using it for.

If you want fringe on the ends and need to cut the throw down using one end with the fringe and carefully cut the other fringed end off and sew or glue it back on the end of the pillow. The black and beige Moroccan pillow seen on my sofa in the below pics was cut down in the manner described here.

Fold the blanket longways so the printed, pretty or “right-side” of the fabric is on the inside of the fold. Sew or hot glue the long 60-inch edge together.

how to sew an extra large lumbar pillow

Turn the fabric inside out so the “right side” or “pretty side” is now on the outside. Sew down the outside or glue one of the ends of the throw together.

Stuff throw pillows with cheap pillow stuffing, use cheap pillows instead of fiber fill,

Stuff the pillow with poly fiberfill.

Stuff oversized pillows with cheap bed pillows,

I used 5 Target $4 pillows I was no longer using to save money.

sewing pillows from throw blankets, DIY moroccan throw pillows

Pin the end together to hold in place and sew (or glue) down the open end of the pillow to secure. Fluff and you are done!

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Blaze orange bedroom, rust bedroom, tribal bedding, western geometric extra long lumbar, modern master bedroom, DIY bolster pillow the easy way
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DIY Oversized Extra long Moroccan Wedding Lumbar Pillow,
 black tan fringe Moroccan wedding pillow. DIY bolster pillow the easy way

I hope you have been inspired by my two DIY extra long Lumbar pillow tutorials! Just remember when you can’t find what you are looking for in the stores or online improvise and make your style your own!

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DIY Lumbar Pillows from a Throw Blanket, DIY bolster pillow the easy way

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  1. I recently moved in with my partner, and we were looking for something to decorate the bed at a low price, and found this post that we loved! Thank you so much!

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