Essential Oils Starter Kit for Beginners

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Essential Oils Beginners starter kit picks

Well, I finally caught the bug, no I do not mean a cold. I caught the Essential Oils bug!  Essential Oils are all the rage these days they are literally in every grocery and health food store around. Making your own air fresheners, lotions, cleaning supplies and going all natural seems to be the new norm.

Essential Oils have been around a really long time, but for me, they just weren’t that interesting, until I started looking into what great health benefits you can achieve by using natural oils instead of chemicals in your home. With literally hundreds of ways to use these oils, it can be overwhelming on what to do or make first. When I first started researching I almost gave up, I was exhausted just seeing the how much was out there on this subject.

With so many brands out there to choose from, I wanted the best oils for the job that don’t break the bank. I researched all the different companies and reviews on websites, blogs and Amazon then I put together this post with all the things I purchased and that you will need to get started using essential oils.

Now I know there is a stigma with Essential oils on Amazon not being up to par and many people out there warning you about buying on Amazon, but I found that to not be the case. What I found is there are a lot of unknown brands on there and through much research and reading reviews I found one that has rave reviews and was deemed better and less expensive as one of the large MLM Brands.

Let me show you how to get started with Essential Oils the non Multi-Level Marketing way!

For the beginner, you can just start with a small top six set of essential oils. I chose to buy a larger kit so I could have a decent selection from the beginning. The amount you start with is completely up to you.

I had to pick what kind of oils to get, this can get crazy and overwhelming. I knew I wanted top quality oils with and I wanted a great starter set but, I did not want to buy into a Multi-Level Marketing Company. I’ve been there done that, so I searched the internet and the many many reviews on Amazon and decided on these Essential Oils.

Best Essential Oils

The reviews claim they are just as good if not better than the top two MLM Oil Companies out there. So I ordered the  Top 14 Oils Starter Set. They do smell amazing and I like Plant Therapy’s vision, quality, and way of doing business. So, all in all, I am happy with my choice in oils.

URPower 500ml Diffuser

Next, I knew I wanted a diffuser to use the oils for aromatherapy. A diffuser disperses the oils into the air for air purifying and wellness treatments. After two weeks of exhausting searches and reading what felt like a million reviews for every kind of diffuser available, I decided on the URPower 500ml Diffuser. I chose it because I can use it for a large or small room and depending on how much water you put into the diffuser is how long it will stay on. So far it works great and I love it. For a more detailed description and what all this diffuser can do, I recommend you read the reviews on Amazon.

Blue Essential Oil Bottles

I plan on making a bunch of sprays, deodorizers, lotions, and roll-ons with my oils. I knew I was going to need a set of glass bottles to store my mixes in. Glass bottles are recommended instead of plastic, the oils will eventually seep or break down the plastic. For a great starter, the Cobalt Blue Glass Bottle Set was the best collection for the value. They are a beautiful deep blue and seem to be excellent quality. You can’t beat the amount of bottle’s you get for the price. It’s a great starter kit and I know I will be purchasing more.

Mini Funnel Essential Oils

While searching for bottles I came across a cute little  Mini Metal funnel. You use this funnel for adding your oils to the glass bottles. A must-have for those small bottlenecks.

Essential Oils Car Diffuser

I also bought a neat Car Diffuser so I can take my essential oils on the go, I love when my car smells great! The car diffuser comes with extra pads for different oils so you can use it more than once. Love that! Favorite Essential Oils Book

So just how do you use these amazing oils? I went on a quest to find out anything and everything I need to know about essential oils. I wanted to know what each of them is made of and used for. Plus it is important you know the hazards and precautions you must take to use them safely.

Some oils are not ok to use around children or pets. I was hoping to find all the info I need in one book that I could use for a reference/handbook. Well, I found what I was looking for in The Complete Aromatherapy & Essential Oils Handbook for Everyday Wellness. As you can see in the pic, I have tabs set for each section so I can easily find the info I need fast. Another way to get essential oil recommendations and recipes are the many many free eBooks available on Amazon each week.

My beginners set is complete and now that I am all set I will be trying out new recipes and sharing some of my favorites in my upcoming posts! I hope this helped you in your quest to get started in essential oils. It took me a month to figure out exactly what I wanted, I put this list together to make it easier for someone who is overwhelmed by this never-ending quest. I wish I had found one of these when I was researching. It would have saved a lot of time and anguish or what to buy.

What are your favorite things to use with essential oils? I’d love to know the best recipes that have worked for you!

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  1. I’ve always been a little curious about essential oils but have never done much research on them – I will have to look into them more! Thanks for sharing your tips :)

  2. Marilyn Wright says:

    I also love Plant Therapy essential oils and have tried many different companies oils, including oils from MLM companies. I am enjoying my “oily” journey and will now be following you.

    1. Oh great Marilyn, I just started using them and it’s good hear they are really great oils. Thanks so much for following.

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