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Fresh Entryway Makeover Using Silk Plants

Bring your home up to date for spring with a Fresh Entryway Makeover Using Silk Plants! See how I added a faux snake plant to add a pop of green when you walk in my home. For more home inspiration see my Bungalow page.

Fresh Entryway Makeover Using Silk Plants
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Before the holidays I was in the process of making over my front entryway. My entryway has a small nook tucked in the curve of the staircase that is a place that I have the most trouble trying to style. I decided to take my time and try to find just the right piece of furniture and decor so I could be happy with it for awhile.

Fresh Entryway Makeover Using Silk Plants

I really wanted to add some greenery to this space, but living with a cat has been a real deterrent. Anytime I bring a new plant in she literally zero’s in on it and destroys it. So I decided to go with silk plants instead. When my friends at CommercialSilk.com asked me if I would like to try out some of their premium greenery and I jumped at the chance.

Entryway Mother in Law Tongue Plant

One of the items I chose was a Sansevieria plant, otherwise known as a mother-in-law’s tongue or snake plant.

Green Boho Entry High Gloss Agate Wall Art
silk snake plant

These plants are super popular right now for home decor. I am so thrilled to have one inside the house!

Faux Snake Plant Review

Let me just say it is gorgeous and looks completely real. I love it! Now if I can just decide where to put it. I want/need one in every room.

Entryway Makeover Baskets Orange Branches

I also chose a couple of orange branches and Jasmine stems to fill a large green vase I purchased for my dining room side table.

Green Glass Vase Orange Branch Stems

These stems are the perfect addition to brighten up my decor. I love the adorable citrus blooms. The blooms are so realistic and help to create a bright and cheery arrangement.

Commercial Silk is a national interior landscaping firm that produces a wide variety of authentic artificial trees and plants.  One of the most interesting items they carry is artificial Boxwood Hedges. These would make a great divider or privacy type separator for a patio, porch or business.

For more information on this amazing line of artificial greenery visit their site, CommercialSilk.com.

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 Disclosure: I received compensation for the products in this post, but all opinions are my own.

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Entryway Refresh Baskets Orange Branch Stems
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  1. Hi, where did you get that agate print??

    1. I found it at Target of all places! Love it an all the pretty colors in it.

  2. The plants look great at your front entry and dining room. I added a silk plant to my entryway too and it changes the whole feel.

    1. I am finally happy with those two spots in my entry. It literally changes once a month and nothing seemed to fit until now. Thanks Erlene!

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