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Gold Hanging Hoop Planter Chime

Looking to bring a little modern bohemian style to your decor? This fun DIY colorful Gold Hanging Hoop Planter Chime is a way to hang your plants with style! For more ideas like this see my DIY page.

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I have the winter blues, which is weird since it is only 60 degrees in southern California. I don’t know about you but I am ready to leave winter behind and jump straight into spring. I am going to start by refreshing my home. looking around I see one of the things that are lacking in my home is wall art. I got rid of a lot of things in the move and my walls are pretty bare.

My home is pretty much surrounded by succulents. I think there is one of each kind of succulent species known in my yard. They are slowly taking over my house as well. I wanted to make a piece of wall art that also incorporates the plants in my home.

I was playing around with some large gold hoops and was happy to see how simple it is to make a hanging hoop planter from it. Well, I couldn’t just leave at that! I added some embroidery thread for a small pop of color and a sweet vintage bell to make ring like a wind chime. Let me show you have to make for your home.

Gold Hanging Hoop Planter Chime


Hoops to make a hoop planter


Before you get started: Chose the bottom hoop depending on the size of your plant holder. Mine plant pots were small so I used a 4-inch hoop. You may need a larger hoop for a larger pot. I also made mine smaller so I could add a small dish to the bottom of the planter instead of a plant.

adding wire to hoop

Start by joining the two large hoops to the small hoop with wire. Then bind the top of the two large hoops with the wire as well.

How to bond two embroidery hoops

Put a dot of hot glue on the ring near the wire and glue down the end of the suede cording. Wrap the cording around the hoop and wire joint 8 times. Add another dot of glue to glue the cording down to hoop. Trim the cording.

Leather hoop plant hanger

Repeat two more times with the other two wire jointed areas.

colorful hoop plant hanger

Glue the end of the rust-colored embroidery floss to the edge of the suede cording on the top joint and start wrapping the floss around to cover the cording.

mini hoop plant holder

When you get to the center of the cording add the 2 inch ring to the top of the rings and wrap the rust floss tightly through the ring to secure it. Continue to the end of the cording. Glue the end of the floss down to the finish.

DIY hanging plant holder

Glue the end of the peach-colored floss to the center of the rust floss and start wrapping. After 2 or so wraps add the 5-inch ring to bottom of the top joint and continue to wrap the peach floss about an inch wide. Glue the end of the floss down to the finish.

How to make a hoop planter, circle plant hanger,
hoop wind chime, vintage bell wind chime

Glue the end of the mauve floss down to the peach floss and start wrapping add a 15mm large jump ring. Continue to wrap floss until the ring is snug. Glue the end of the floss down to the finish.

Add two 7 mm jump rings to 4 links of chain. Add the bell to one end and add the other end to the large jump ring in the center of the 5-inch hoop. Add one end of 12.5 inches of gold chain to a 7mm jump ring and the other end to a 15mm jump ring.

Modern Hoop Planter, Modern Boho planter,

I am so thrilled with how this turned out! I think it is a perfect blend of wall art, wind chime,, and plant hanger!

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round hanging planter chime

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