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Halloween Terrarium Cloche for Praying Mantis Specimen

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Create a creepy Halloween terrarium arrangement for a faux gold leaf Praying Mantis insect specimen. This elegant floral arrangement is perfect for subtle spooky decor. For more fun projects see my Halloween page.

Halloween Terrarium Cloche for Praying Mantis Specimen

This fun project is a key part of my previous post Halloween Taxidermy Gold Mounted Insect Specimens where I painted large bugs with gold leaf gilding paint and mounted them like insect entomology taxidermy.

I had one insect leftover that was too big to add to the display. It was this super cool big Praying Mantis! I thought she needed a larger display to show her in all of her glory.

I bought an inexpensive plastic cloche from Target this Halloween and made a simple gothic floral arrangement for the Praying Mantis to sit on.

I think this cloche flower arrangement came out super amazing! The Praying Mantis looks so eerie and elegant at the same time. It’s my favorite part of my Halloween insect specimen display!

Halloween Terrarium Cloche


how to make a Halloween cloche


Cut a floral foam square block down to 1-2 inches tall and 4-5 inches wide. Be aware of the fit of the arrangement with the dimensions of the cloche. Carefully cut foam with a sharp knife to the size needed.

The floral block size will depend on the size of the cloche you are using. Mine cloche is 14 X 9 inches tall. I had to adjust the foam size and stem height to fit it inside.

add moss to foam
moss on foam

Cover the foam with the floral moss and secure it with floral pins.

small arrangement for cloche

Add the large tropical leaf pick to the front top section of the foam. Place the Halloween branches behind the tropical leaf pick.

Halloween cloche arrangement

Then place the two stems of eucalyptus and 3 black leaves into the foam base.

Paint the plastic Praying Mantis with the gold leaf paint and let it dry per the manufacturer’s recommendations. See my previous Halloween Insect Specimen post. Make sure you use gold gilding paint in a well-ventilated area. The fumes from the paint can be harmful if inhaled.

Place the arrangement on the base of the cloche. Place the Praying Mantis on the tropical leaf pick and cover it with the clear cloche top and display! I think she looks fabulous in her new home!

gold praying mantis cloche display
Gold Beetle Praying Mantis Halloween Terrarium
praying mantis halloween cloche
Halloween Gold insect displays

I hope you have been inspired by this fun cloche Halloween terrarium DIY! I love subtle Halloween decor. This fun insect display adds the perfect amount of creep factor without grossing you out!

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 Halloween Terrarium Cloche Praying Mantis

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