Thrilling Haunted Ghost Silhouettes

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Do you want unique haunted decor this year for Halloween? Then these Haunted Ghost Silhouettes are the perfect way to haunt your home this year! Looking for more creepy crafts? See my Halloween page.

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These super fun ghost silhouettes will be the star of the show at your house this year. All you need is some sheet foam and acrylic paint to create these cool ghouls. You can customize your sizes and even use these cuties inside your home for your next Halloween Party. I just love these spooky guys! They are my new favorite scary home decor! I know you will love them too!

I have a tall bay window on the front of my house to fill for the holidays. I took that into consideration when I made these silhouettes. You could also make these with black foam board. Just use the guide and cut out your ghouls. All you would need to paint are the eyes. Here’s how to make them!

Haunted Ghost Silhouettes


  • 5 FloraCraft® Make It: Fun Foam Sheets: Size: 2 x12 x 36, or Black Foam Core Board
  • FloraCraft® Styro Cutter, FloraCraft® Foam Tools or a Sharp Knife, or X-acto Knife for Foam Core Board
  • Fine Grain Sandpaper
  • Black Latex Paint
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Low-Temp Glue Gun and Glue
  • Ghost Silhouette Cut Guide PDF

Foam sheets to make Halloween decorations



Use this guide for reference to cut the foam. PDF in the Supply list.

Cut ghosts out of foam, Ghost yard deciorations, how to make ghosts for Halloween

Cut each piece out using a cutter or sharp knife. Gently sand the edges of foam to smooth out rough edges.

Cut foam into silhouettes, foam Halloween decorations

Using a low-temp glue gun, glue the larger ghosts’ head and shoulders to the mid-body.

Paint foam with Latex Paint

Paint each piece of foam, front and sides with latex paint. Paint a ghost bottom to one of the sheets of plain foam. Let the paint dry overnight or until completely dry.

How to Paint a ghost, Ghost Silhouettes for Halloween

Paint a white face on each silhouette.  Glue the large ghost to the painted bottom section.  Glue the shoulder and extra base to the small ghost.  Paint gray shadows on the lower white portion of large ghost and the side portion of the small ghost. This will hide the white foam when placing them in a window.

Use the leftover foam to create a base for each ghost.  Add an extra thin piece of foam to the back of the ghost as a brace for added stability.

Tip: Using a base allows them to be more stable when standing them in a windowsill. You can omit this step if they are sturdy enough for your decor.

DIY Halloween Decoration Ghost Silhouettes, DIY Silhouettes,

Ghost Silhouette for Halloween

Halloween Ghost Silhouettes for Window, Ghost Window Cling

Haunted House Ghost Silhouettes, Halloween Ghost Window Silhouettes

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Ghost Window Silhouettes, Spooky ghost silhouettes


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Thrilling Haunted Ghost Silhouettes 2

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  1. 10.5.17
    Erlene said:

    Super fun. I did something like this in our window using black trash bags, never thought of using foam. Great idea :-)

  2. 9.8.17
    Megan said:

    These are fabulous, and I love the entire look! #MM

  3. 9.3.17
    Leanna said:

    These are wonderful. As are your other Halloween decorations. Pinning.