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Boho Style Modern Art Printables for the Home

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California-style modern art printables for a boho-chic home. Discover unique and stylish wall decor to elevate your space. Shop now! For more printables like these see my Printables page.

Boho Style Modern Art Printables for the Home

Boho style modern art printables are the perfect way to infuse your home with a touch of California-inspired charm.

This season’s wall art trends are full of burnt oranges, pale peaches, and bold multicolor blends. I made some fun versions of the most popular designs trending now.

These art prints effortlessly combine the free-spirited, eclectic vibe of bohemian design with the sleekness and minimalism of modern aesthetics.

With their bold, vibrant colors and abstract shapes, these printables offer a fresh take on traditional artwork, adding an element of chic sophistication to any space.

What sets these California-style modern art printables apart is their ability to transform a room into a tranquil oasis that reflects the laid-back elegance of West Coast living.

Embracing an eclectic mix of patterns, textures, and artistic influences, these boho wall art prints capture the essence of boho-chic design while maintaining a modern edge.

Whether adorning your living room or sprucing up your home office, these printables offer a versatile way to express your individuality and create an inviting atmosphere for relaxation and creativity.

These gorgeous modern art printables would be great to update gallery walls, add to frames in an entryway, or maybe your desk at work. Enjoy!

Boho Style Modern Art Printables for the Home

California Boho Style Modern Art Printables

Prints are 8 x 10. Print on white cardstock, trim to fit your frame & enjoy!

All Printables found on Made in a Day are for Personal Use Only and not for Resale. 

See my printable disclosure for more info.

Print using the US Letter Setting. Set the printer to US Letter Borderless for a larger full-page image on the real picture images.

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Boho Style Modern Art Printables WAll Art Set

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