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Modern Decoupage Easter Eggs with Napkins

Looking for a unique way to color eggs with patterns? These Modern Floral Decoupage Easter Eggs with Napkins are the perfect solution for gorgeous egg decor this season. For more posts like this one see my Easter page.

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One of the most popular ways to decorate Easter eggs for home decor is by using a decoupage adhesive like Mod Podge and paper napkins. You can use any type of thin paper to decorate the eggs. I chose this fun modern gold mum printed paper napkins and white wooden eggs found at Oriental Trading.

After trying my hand at making these trendy decoupage Easter eggs, I found there is a learning curve when it comes to getting the thin paper to lay flat and smooth. You can use real eggs, plastic, wood or cardboard eggs.

Before you get started here are my tips for making decoupaged eggs.

  • It is best to find a small floral pattern to get the smoothest transition on the egg. The pattern I chose was a larger flower which made it a little more difficult to make the tissue napkin lay down smooth and create a pattern.
  • When adding floral patterns to the eggs you will need to cut the pattern out of the napkin. If the pattern is large like mine you will have to add the pattern to the egg in sections for it to lay smooth.

Let’s get started! Here’s how I made them.

Modern Decoupage Easter Eggs with Napkins


DIY Homemade Decoupage:

  • White Glue like Elmers
  • Water

Mix both water and glue with equally. 1 part glue to 1 part water. Mix and use!

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The wood eggs I chose were already painted white with acrylic paint.

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Cut out your pattern. Pull the layers of napkin apart until there is only one layer with the pattern on it.

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Paint some decoupage adhesive on an area of the egg and lay the tissue over it. Smooth it gently with your fingers or paintbrush. Paint over the decoupage tissue to set it.

How to decoupage eggs with large patterns,

For larger patterns, cut the paper into triangle pie sections.

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Add all sections trying not to overlap the tissue but line up the pattern. Some will work perfectly some will be like puzzles pieces to place together. Let them dry and display!

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