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Festive Plaid and Yarn Faux Deer Head

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Looking for a unique idea for your holiday decor? my Festive Plaid and Yarn Faux Deer Head is a fun project! Isn’t he gorgeous! For more ideas like this one see my Christmas page. 

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This cutie could very well be my favorite of all my tutorials so far. I am changing up my Holiday decor this year and wanted a cute rustic deer head to add to my display. I planned on just covering the deer with yarn and using jute for the antlers. But, the plaid ribbon was sitting next to the deer and that light bulb went off! He needed plaid antlers!!

I found the coolest plaid ribbon at Hobby Lobby, it’s actually woven soft fabric. So it was easy to mold and fit the curves of the antlers. I love this ribbon so much I want to cover everything in it!

I have a couple more projects coming up using it as well, so everything will be matchy-matchy! Look for them coming up in the next couple of weeks! Now lets get to it~

Plaid and Yarn Faux Deer Head


cover a faux deer head with yarn


Note: Jute Twine was not used in this project.


Start Wrapping Deer Head with yarn madeinaday.com

Start hot gluing the yarn on the back of the deer on the bottom edge of his neck.

Work up the yarn in rows

Go slow and make sure your rows are close together as you wrap. Yes, it gets boring so watch tv or something while gluing.

I found that if I put tension on the yarn to make it thinner in the back of the neck, then loosen the tension around the front of the neck so the yarn is puffier, I was able to get better and even coverage since the front of the neck is larger than the back. That way it will evenly cover with yarn without overlapping. Wrap the ears from base to end then stop.

make plaid antlers on deer madeinaday.com

For the Antlers: My ribbon had wire edges. Cut 6-7 inch strips and remove the wires by tugging and pulling it out on the cut ends. On some areas, I even cut the stitched side edges off so the fabric would lay smooth.

Add ribbon to antler

I started wrapping the antlers from the front bottom. Paint the gorilla glue on a small part of the antler and place the ribbon over it and smooth out any wrinkles.

Then I added hot glue to the edges of the ribbon to hold it in place while I filled in with more ribbon.

Work up the antler gluing the ribbon

Try to follow the pattern of the plaid and place pieces to fit like a puzzle. Try to make both antlers look like the same pattern. So however you do the first antler, do the same on the other side so it is symmetric. This will make it more appealing to the eye instead of a patchy look.

When you are finished with the antlers go back and glue the yarn into the empty areas. On the back of the head just glue back and forth in a z pattern.

Do the same to the top of the head and between the antlers and a little down the front. Then start going around the snout in a circle, in rows until you reach the nose.

Add a piece of plaid to the nose of the deer

Cut a 2 1/5 inch square scrap of plaid ribbon and hot glue to the nose. Fill in any exposed areas with yarn.

Hammer your wall hanging mount to the center of the back of your wood slice. Add a ton of hot glue and Gorilla Wood glue to the back of your deer head and press it into the center of the wood slice.

Let it dry and that’s it, hang the little guy up and enjoy! He is so stinking cute, I can’t stand it! He will probably be up all winter long!

DIY Rustic Red Plaid Deer Head madeinaday.com

Plaid & Yarn Faux Deer Head Mount




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  1. What a great project. I love the yarn and plaid together.

  2. Oh my goodness. Words can not express how much I love this. I’m totally jealous of those live near a Hobby Lobby. This is definitely going on my winter project list.

  3. Heaven Smiling says:

    This is really pretty and perfect for my family who are big hunters. Pinned and following you there. :)

  4. Random! I love the trees!

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  5. Love it! Would love to have this in my home :) Pinning to share.
    Thank you for linking up and sharing with us at Brag About It!

    1. Laurie, I love him so much I am hanging him in my office all year! Thanks for pinning!

  6. Darn you Kim. Now I have to order a paper mache deer for my wall :-)

  7. Oh my gosh this is amazing! I don’t blame you about wanting to keep it up all winter – it’s not technically a Christmas item only, deer are adorable all year ’round! :D

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