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Printable Gingerbread Village Houses

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Create you very own gingerbread village with this adorable printable set! Just download, print and cut out these fun houses to use in your holiday decor! For more fun holiday ideas see my Christmas page.

Gingerbread houses are super trendy this year!

The winter holidays are the perfect time of year to get creative and have some fun with your family. One activity that can be enjoyed by all is making a gingerbread village.

With printable gingerbread village houses, you can easily make a festive display without having to worry about baking or constructing anything from scratch. All you need is scissors, a paper cutter, and a little imagination!

Another fun idea is to cut out the front of the houses, tape them all side by side to create a solid line of houses (or village).

Either way this is a super easy way to get in on this years hot trend!

Printable Gingerbread Village Houses

These printables are for Personal Use Only and Not for Resale.

These printable templates provide an easy way to create your own unique version of a classic holiday tradition.

Use these prints to make a gingerbread village, a holiday mantle village display, paper ornaments for the tree, a paper garland, Elf on the Shelf props and more!

The printables are free for you to download and use. Just click on the link below, save the files to your computer, and print them out.

  1. Download the PDF
  2. Print the cards out using heavy cardstock
  3. Trim with a paper cutter or scissors.

UPDATE 2023: I had to replace the cookie trees and ginger man with different graphics. All of the houses stayed the same. Just a heads up if the download looks a little different than the post images.


  • Print out on heavy cardstock for best results. Regular paper will be a bit flimsy.
  • Cut around the houses with a paper cutter and scissors.
  • Be sure to cut the bottom lines of the houses perfectly straight so the they will stand up evenly.
  • Be careful when cutting the slits in the stand-up tabs and cuts in the houses or shapes. If you cut the slits too deep the tabs will not fit. If you mess up just print out another page and start over.
  • Fold on the dotted lines and display! Enjoy!


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