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Printable Leprechaun Trap Kit Signs

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Capture the luck of the Irish with our printable Leprechaun Trap Kit! Catch that elusive leprechaun by adding these fun signs and props to your crafty trap box! For more fun printables see my St Patrick’s Day page.

Printable Leprechaun Trap Kit Signs and Props

Are you ready to catch a mischievous leprechaun this St. Patrick’s Day? Look no further than these enchanting Leprechaun Trap Kit with signs and props!

Designed with vibrant colors and vintage illustrations, these signs will surely entice any leprechaun to visit your trap. With clever slogans like “The Rainbow Motel” and “Lucky Charms This Way”, you can create a charming setting that will lure in the sneaky little beings.

Decorate your DIY leprechaun trap with these whimsical signs to add an extra touch of magic and excitement. There are eight leprechaun trap signs, a door, a ladder, a rainbow, and a pot of gold you can use to decorate your boxed trap.

These printable signs are a fun addition to your St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Gather your supplies, set up your trap, add the signs and props, and let the adventure begin!

Who knows, you might just be lucky enough to catch yourself a crafty little leprechaun this year.

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Printable Leprechaun Trap Kit Signs


  1. Click the link below to download the PDF to print. Print the templates out using white cardstock. Use the printer setting US Letter.
  2. Trim the “cut lines” using scissors. Use the borderless paper setting on your printer to get the designs to go to the edge of the pages.
  3. Use adhesive tape or paper glue to add the signs and props to the trap!

My printables are for Personal Use Only. Please see my Printable Disclosure for more information.



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DIY Printable Leprechaun Trap Kit Signs and Props

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