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Reindeer Glam Makeover Holiday Decor

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Today I have another great Christmas decor makeover from Oriental Trading Company’s Christmas Store. I fell in love with this super cute rustic deer set they had in the shop. However this year I changed out my rustic holiday decor for a pretty flocked tree and garlands.

I knew I had to give these sweet guys a new look to match my new glam decor. So with a couple of coats of paint, some glitter, and cute fur collar, they are now a perfect match for my winter wonderland. Let me show you how easy it is makeover your existing holiday decor as you change with the trends.

Reindeer Glam Makeover Holiday Decor


  • Acrylic Deer Set
  • Acrylic Paint: Grey Graphite
  • Glitter: Dark Grey
  • White Craft Fur
  • Straight Edge Razor Blades



Remove the antlers from each deer. Paint the body of the deer with two coats of gray acrylic paint. Let them dry.


Paint the antlers with gray paint. While the paint is still wet sprinkle the antlers in dark gray glitter. Let them dry.


Measure 9 1/2 x 1 1/2 inch strip of craft fur. Cut the fur using a straight-edge razor blade. Cut only the base of the fur. Do not press down with a razor, only slide it across the fur base. This will keep you from cutting through the fur on the fuzzy side of the fabric.

Cut the fur strip in half at 4 3/4 inches. Fold both fur strips in half fuzzy side out. Wrap the scarf around the neck of each deer and hot glue the ends of the scarf together. Hot glue the antlers back into their slots on top of each deer and that’s it!  Display them in your favorite Christmas scene and enjoy!



I also got these mercury glass and pine cone votive candle holders. They look so beautiful tucked into my new snow flocked garland.



I hope you like my new Christmas decor. If you missed my last post, it was more about Oriental Trading Company’s Holiday Decor. You can see how I made a Boxwood wreath out of a garland and put together some snow scenes in my red lanterns!


Stop by and see how I made this super trendy Boxwood wreath for a fraction of the cost!

Looking for a deal at Oriental Trading? Visit their coupon page for the latest in sales.

Happy Holidays!

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