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Rug Wall Art: How to Hang a Rug Like a Tapestry

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A great way to add a lot of interest to a room is to hang a large rug on a wall. Check out my super easy hack: Rug Wall Art: How to Hang a Rug Like a Tapestry and bring a little boho any room!

How to hang a rug on the wall with clips

If you have been following my blog you would know that I love the bohemian home decor. Last year I made a post where I made over my formal living room into Boho Lounging room. It was the one room in the house that no one ever visited except for holidays. At the time mandala tapestries were pretty popular and I bought a big one to hang over my sofa to bring some interest to the room.

This year I decided the room need a little refresh. I decided to start with replacing the tapestry. I wanted to get something really large that wasn’t too expensive but still had that bohemian global feel to it. I didn’t want the mood of the room to change.

After much searching, I chose a 5 x 8 Soha Printed Jute area rug from World Market. It had just the right colors and fringe on the edges. Plus it is made out of jute so it wasn’t super heavy. First I thought I could just nail it or possibly velcro it to the wall.  But, I was looking for more of a droopy hanging tapestry look, like the one I had before.

Now how to hang it.. First I thought I could just nail it or possibly velcro it to the wall. I was looking for more of a droopy hanging tapestry look like the one I had before. I decided to go with drapery clips. I altered some metal hoop drapery clips to do the job. Then I found some awesome wall anchors that I’ll be using from now on! These anchors are all in one piece. So no need to add a base to the wall and add a screw to the base. Let me show you how simple this hack is!

How to Hang a Boho Rug on a Wall for Wall Art



Figure out the way you want the placement of the rug. I hung mine directly under my crown molding and high on the ceiling. Once you have your replacement set, add a wall anchor on one side. hammer the anchor lightly into the dryway to make a hole. Then use a screwdriver to screw the anchor into the wall. Easy peasy!

Remove the clip from the drapery ring. Some drapery rings are made with hooks connecting the clip to an eye hook screw. You can slip the clip’s hook off easily from the round eye-hook. If the one you are using does not have a clip hook. Use pliers, bend the eye-hook attached to the ring open and remove the clip.

Clip the drapery clip to the end of the rug.

Loop the clip hook over the anchor.

Repeat steps going across to the other end of the rug. I used four clips to hang an 8-foot rug. Super easy!

If your rug is thick and very heavy this method may not be the best way to go. Just choose a heavier anchor size for the weight of your rug. Mine was thin and weighed around 5-10 lbs.

I really love how this turned out and hanging it was much easier than I thought it was going to be. I think my next step will be to replace the rug on the floor. So stay tuned!

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  1. I love this idea! What a smart way to add unique, large-scale decor to your home. I definitely need to find a rug that goes with my living room decor now! Or… maybe just makeover the living room entirely. Lol. I think I like that idea. Thanks for the awesome hack!

    1. Thanks Marie, it totally changed the room. Now I have work to do to make everything match the rug!

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