Snack on the Beach | Our Favorite Happy Hour Spot

Find your happy place by having a cocktail with a snack on the beach! Try these fun food ideas to make and take on your next outing to a beach picnic for two! For more yummy finger food ideas see my Appetizer page.

Snack on the Beach | Our Favorite Happy Hour Spot

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One of our favorite things to do is sitting on the beach and watching the sunset. We enjoy watching the boats go in and out of the marina all while enjoying a great snack! Even some of the restaurants near us sell beach picnic boxes that you can take and watch the sunset with on the beach. How cool right?

Toes beach CA

We ride our bikes down to the beach access. Here are the easiest ways to bring everything we need for a picnic for two. I found a super cute yellow thermal bag that fits perfectly on the back of my bike tote rack. I love it because first it’s super cute and it fits a six-pack of beer, a small waterproof pouch for our phones and the two bento boxes below.

We bring a blue tooth speaker, a waterproof bag for our phones, a couple of fun camping chairs, a camping blanket, and a light jacket in case it is cool. The temperature drops at dusk here in California. So you always need to be prepared.

Snack on the Beach

Let me show you some of the best snacks to take to the beach.

bento box beach snacks

First up is our main go-to snack. We love plain old cruité. Sliced veggies with a yummy dip or hummus. Just slice up some veggies like carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, cucumbers, or radishes. Bring your favorite dip in a small sealable container or bring a couple of prepackaged snack-size hummus containers. Super easy and very filling.

Sliced apples and hummus is a really good combination to try. So good!

crackers perfect beach picnic food

Another option is cheese and crackers and/or fruit! I love aged swiss cheese with yummy Milton’s multi-grain gourmet crackers. Trader Joe’s has a great version of those crackers too. Just bring slices of cheese and a sleeve of crackers and you are set! Want to get fancy? try one of the combos in the pic above!

sliced fruit bowl

Fruit is a great option as well. Melons, apple slices, strawberries, or grapes are my favorites. Get fancy and ball a melon, slice a watermelon, or slice a bunch of strawberries. You can add the fruit to your cocktail too for extra flavor.

marinated skewered shrimp

Cold shrimp skewers are a fun choice for snacking! Thaw and marinate some frozen cooked shrimp in lime juice, ground chili, ground garlic, and a little olive oil for an hour. Add then add them to a skewer (4 shrimp at a time). Place them in a bento box and chill. Costco has fresh marinated shrimp! Just pack and go!

cheese fruit and meat kabobs

You can do a similar appetizer by making mini kabobs! Using cocktail sticks, make some mini kebabs with low-fat feta cheese or buffalo mozzarella balls, olives, and cherry tomatoes. Spice them up with a drizzle of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, or pesto. You can also make kabobs with melons, olivea and meat cold cuts. These colorful snacks are filling and healthy, with all the tastes of summer.

deviled eggs

Whole hard-boiled eggs or yummy deviled eggs are always a winner!

Basic recipe for Deviled Eggs: Cut 6 hard-boiled eggs in half and remove the yolks. Take the yolks and mash them with a fork in a small bowl. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add 1-2 tbsp of pickle relish, 1 tsp of yellow mustard, and 2 tbsp mayonnaise. You want the consistency to be creamy but not soupy. I mostly eyeball the ingredients and add more or less to taste. Want them spicy? Add a pinch of cayenne pepper or chopped jalapenos instead of pickle relish.

mini baked potatoes

Another fun and filling snack idea is mini-baked potatoes! Just bake some small red potatoes and bring a few fun sides to garnish them with like sour cream, cheese, and bacon bits! Super easy!

Keep your beach picnic easy as well as healthy by concentrating on finger foods. Take along some wet wipes for freshening up later. You may need them for the restrooms too. Eek!

Thanks for reading today! I hope you enjoyed my ideas to snack on the beach for a quick trip picnic. If you don’t live near the beach a park or lake will do! Sometimes your own front porch can be a nice change of pace! Cheers!

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Beach picnic food ideas

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