Spider Victim Egg

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It’s getting closer to Halloween! I’m gettin’ a little antsy. I still don’t have an idea for my costume yet! So aggravating…..anyway…I’ll keep looking.

But as I was hanging out at the Halloween store this week I saw the spider victim decorations and thought how easy is that! I can so make that and save some money. So here’s my simple version.

Spider Victim & Egg



First, we are going to make the simulated body for the victim. Take your newspaper and roll/wad pieces that look like legs, tape them together.

Make pieces that look like feet and tape them onto the legs and just work your way up. Adding a torso and arms (I made my arms crossed like a mummy) and then the head.

Taping all along the way. My spider victim is about 4ft tall. Keep wrapping tape it until the body is all secure. Then take the cheesecloth and wrap the body in it, this helps to conceal the newspaper ink.

Take the spider web decoration nylon web and stretch it over the body, wrapping it and making it pretty thick and Viola that’s it!

To hang it, I took a wire coat hanger and stretched it long ways, pulling it from the center and the hook making it a long stick with a hook. Stick the hook into the back of the head, Use the other end of the hanger to bend and secure to where ever you want to hang it.

Just add spiders and webs over him and he’s super gross!

UPDATE!!  I repurposed my Spider Victim into the “Swimming with the Fishes” corpse man {see pic below}. Check out that tutorial as well. He’s really super creepy now!

Spider Egg Halloween Decor

To make the egg, cut a leg off of the pantyhose. Take a ball of newspaper (you could probably use a foam ball as well, but this is cheaper) and cover it with the faux spider web.

Cover the newspaper so it is pretty thick and add some spiders to it. Then put the ball into the pantyhose leg all the way down to the foot.

Add more spider web material to make it full going up the leg of the hose as shown. Add more spiders and Viola! You are done! Sooo easy! Then just tie the end of the egg onto where ever you want it!


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  1. You do some good creepy work!

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