St Patricks Day Dollar Store Mesh Wreath

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Wanting to make a fun door hanger for the holiday? My St Patricks Day dollar store mesh wreath is perfect for those of you on a budget! For more ideas like this see my St. Patty’s Day page.

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Hello all! St. Patrick’s Day is almost here and today I am here to share my St. Patty’s Day mesh wreath on a Budget! I made this super cute St. Patrick Day wreath from items found in the holiday decorating area of the dollar store!

For around $9 you can create this festive dollar store mesh wreath for your home decor. Deco mesh wreaths are super easy to make. You just bunch up the mesh ribbon and secure it to a wreath form with pipe cleaners or plant wire. Add a couple of colors of cute ribbon, gold coins, and a premade shamrock and you have a beautiful door hanger to display! Here’s how to make it!

St Patricks Day Dollar Store Mesh Wreath


St Patricks Day Dollar Store Mesh Wreath 2


St Patricks Day Dollar Store Mesh Wreath 3

Add two pipe cleaners per section of the wire wreath.

St Patricks Day Dollar Store Mesh Wreath 4

Take the end of the roll of deco ribbon and fold the end of the ribbon under and pinch the end together.

St Patricks Day Dollar Store Mesh Wreath 5

Secure the pinched end to a pipe cleaner turning the pipe cleaner three times to make it snug. Bunch up around 8-10 inches of the mesh and pinch another section and secure it to the next pipe cleaner. Secure the ribbon all the way around the wreath. Trim at the end and turn that end under and secure with a pipe cleaner.

green white mesh wreath

Add the green burlap ribbon in the same manner as the deco mesh ribbon. Weave in and out of the deco mesh with the green ribbon.

Not shown: I added another row of deco mesh to the center of the wreath to hide the wire base. Add one pipe cleaner per section and repeat the above steps.

Gold ribbon added to deco mesh wreath

Take five 12 inch strips of the gold curling ribbon and bunch it together. Tie the ribbon around the ribbon base in 5 sections. Curl the ribbon by sliding scissors down the strands.

DIY Gold coin floral picks

Hot glue the gold coins to the ends of every other pipe cleaner to add bling. Curl the remaining pipe cleaners with a pencil.

Shamrock Clover Mesh Wreath

Place the felt shamrock over the wreath and hot glue it down to the mesh. For added security, hot glue a pipe cleaner to the back of your shamrock and the tie it the wire wreath. Hot glue the tinsel shamrock to the felt shamrock.

St Pattys Day Mesh Wreath, Shamrock wreath, green mesh wreath, how to make a mesh wreath

Fluff and arrange the ribbons and hang it up! And that’s it! So easy and super cute for nine bucks!

St Patricks Day Dollar Store Mesh Wreath 6

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St Patricks Day Deco Mesh Wreath, dollar store mesh wreath

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St Patricks Day Dollar Store Mesh Wreath 9

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  1. 2.27.16
    Sherry said:

    Super cool wreath! Great tutorial, too. I love making wreaths, but I find mesh hard to work with.

  2. 2.19.16
    Karen said:

    Love this wreath. Would look great on my door! LOL

    • 2.19.16
      Kim said:

      Thanks so much Karen!

  3. 2.17.16

    What a gorgeous wreath! Can’t believe it was under $10! Great job!

    • 2.18.16
      Kim said:

      Thanks so much Michelle! It was my first time making one of these wreaths. I think I might be as addicted as everyone else with these!

  4. 2.17.16
    Tammy said:

    Very Nice … great tutorial for a beautiful wreath

    • 2.18.16
      Kim said:

      Thank you Tammy!

  5. 2.17.16

    One of the prettiest mesh wreaths I’ve seen! Great job!!

  6. 2.17.16
    Marie said:

    Very, very pretty. I was totally eyeballing those felt shamrocks too! Love what you did with it.

    • 2.18.16
      Kim said:

      Thanks Marie! Glad you like it!