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Twine Monogram Letter Stocking Pin

Twine Monogram Stocking Pin

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This year with the whole rustic trend coming back around, I noticed my stocking pins just weren’t matching the decor. I saw some cute bakers twine wrapped letters at Target and loved them.

I was thinking I wanted mine to be made out of twine. These were so easy to make and would make a great gift or even an easy kids craft, just use a kid-friendly glue. I think they came out really cute. Here’s how to make some for your decor~

Twine Monogram Letter Stocking Pin


Twine Monogram pin


The letters I had were cut in a font that had the rounded tips on them. To make them easier to wrap I cut off the round edges with heavy-duty scissors to make them straight lined letters.

If I had more time I probably could of found ones with an easier font to wrap. But, if you can’t find them either, the wood is really thin and easy to cut with scissors.

Twine Monogram Letter

Hot glue the end of your twine to the top of the letter and wrap. You may have to add small dots of glue to hold the twine in place as you wrap around the slant edges of the letter. Just keep wrapping until you cover the entire letter and hot glue the end down.

Add pin to monogram letter

I took a small folded piece of twine and hot glued it to the ends of the letter to finish up the ends of the wood.

Take the coil-less safety-pin and insert it through the twine on the back of your letter and pin it to your stocking! Super easy! I hope you liked it! Happy Holidays!


Monogram Stocking Pin


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  1. Congratulations, you’ve been featured. This is so clever! Here’s the link to your wonderful feature….


  2. I love your blog! I love this idea for the pin stocking monograms. I just got new stocking and was trying to figure out how to spruce them up. I am going to totally be doing this!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. These monograms look easy enough for anyone to make

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