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Woven Sun Wall Hanging

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Looking for fun DIY wall art to add some style to your home? Try this gorgeous faux macrame Woven Sun Wall Hanging made from a trivet! For more clever decor ideas see my DIY Wall Art page.

Woven Sun Wall Hanging

This project all started when I found some fantastic jute trivets while shopping online. They were so beautiful I ordered two sets. I originally planned on using them around the house under some of my potted plants, but they were just so pretty I knew they be much more than that.

When I got them I instantly fell in love with them. One set looked like flowers or better yet when layered they looked more like a sun or sunflower! So I decided to make that set into a fun faux macrame woven sun wall art!

I added some black stitching to give it some accent with a global flair. To add character I added an extra-large tassel from crochet thread. Let me show you can how easily put this project together.

Woven Sun Wall Hanging


Trivet set for wall art


Start by threading one of the yarn needles with black jute cording. I doubled the string and tied the end in a knot to get the double-stitched look.

Stitch on a trivet
add stitches to a trivet

Starting from the underside of the trivet, start stitching lines across in the middle section of the trivet as shown

black jute cording

Roll a piece of back jute adding dots of hot glue as you go to make a circle.

Glue the jute circle to the center of the trivet.

Stitch on a trivet, trivet wall art, sun trivet wall art

Stitch around the outer edge of the circle within the trivet with black jute cording. Stitch around the inner circle of the large trivet with black cording.

sew trivets together

In four sections, sew the small trivet to the large trivet with the natural jute cording.

Sewing on the Wood Hoop:

In these pics, I sewed a wood ring on with natural jute. In the final images, you can see I changed it to black jute cording for more accent.

add a wood ring to a trivet

Sew on the wood ring with natural jute by looping the jute through the top of a section of the edge of the trivet. Loop the jute through 4 times on the wood ring.

add a hanger to a trivet

Tie a double knot in the end on the trivet. Add a dot of hot glue to secure the knot.

Make the Extra Large Tassel:

Cut a piece of cardboard to 9 inches long x 5 inches wide. Wrap the entire roll (150 yds) of crochet string around the 9 inch side of the cardboard.

extra thick tassel

Slip the string off of the side of the cardboard and place a 7-inch piece of string through one end of the loop of string. Tie it tightly and add a dot of hot glue to the knot to secure it.

DIY extra large tassel

Tie a piece of cording about 1.5 inches below the top of the tassel. Add a dot of glue to the knot to make sure it is secure.

How to make a big tassel

I added some cream embroidery floss around the cording as a contrast to match the trivets. You can skip this and use the natural jute cording instead. Wrap the floss or jute around the tassel and glue the ends down with hot glue.

Tie the tassel to the bottom of the trivet and hang!

Sun wall art, woven sun wall hanging, Sun trivet wall art, Trivet wall art,
Jute trivets for plants, boho trivets

I love how this sweet sun wall hanging turned out! My favorite part is the contrasting black stitches! Oh if you see above, that’s the other set of round trivets I bought. Lovin these too! They look great under my houseplants around the house.

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DIY Woven Sun Wall Art, how to make a woven sun, wall art from a trivet

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