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You’ve Been Booed Halloween Printable Treat Game

Have you played the secret You’ve Been Booed Halloween printable treat game with your kids and friends? Grab my fun prints and get tons of booed basket ideas to have the creepy treats on the block! For more Spooky prints see my Halloween page.

You've Been Booed Halloween Printable Treat Game, you've been booed gift ideas, we've been booed

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When my kids were young they were super excited when Halloween came around. I mean eating candy and dressing up in costumes who doesn’t love that? One of the most exciting things for them was getting “Halloween Booed” by the neighbors.

If you haven’t been booed before here is a quick rundown on what to do to get the Halloween Boo Game started in your neighborhood. First, print out 2 copies of either booed printable set below. I made one set in the color green and one set in orange.

You’ve Been Booed Halloween Printable

you've been booed ghost, what is you've been booed, we've been booed

Prints are 8 x 10. Print on regular white printer paper or white cardstock. For personal use only. No for resale.

What is the You’ve Been Booed Halloween Game?

  • Go to your favorite drug store, dollar store, dollar spot section, party store, or see my convenient online ideas below. In the Halloween aisle, buy 2 inexpensive Halloween buckets and fill them with candy, simple Halloween toys, creepy plastic bugs, anything that kids would love.
  • Place one set of the “You’ve Been Booed” and the “We’ve Been Booed” PDF in each bucket with the treats.
  • Secretly place the buckets on 2 neighbor’s doorsteps. Ring the doorbell and leave quickly.

If someone boo’s you back place the “We’ve Been Booed” PDF on your front door or in a front window so you will not be booed twice. That’s it! Super fun for the kiddos!

You’ve Been Booed Treats Ideas

Booed Treats + Candy Ideas

We’ve Been Booed Halloween Party Favor + Toy Ideas

You’ve Been Booed Halloween Treat Bag Ideas



I hope you have enjoyed learning this fun Halloween tradition, “You’ve Been Booed” game. Since most places are social distancing this Halloween I created an Ultimate list of Halloween Trick or Treat Alternatives Printables.

There are over 60 Halloween printable games, decor, coloring pages, and activities more to have your own Halloween fun at home this year. For more Halloween fun try my friend Erlene’s 12 Halloween Games for Kids post too.

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You've Been Booed Halloween Printable Treat Game, we've been booed, Halloween booed


  1. So fun, Kim! We did the “you’ve been booed” when our kids were growing up! Great memories sneaking around the neighborhood with the kids!

  2. I am always at a loss to come up with fun, creative things like this. Thanks a ton for sharing your ideas and your printables!

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