St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Wreath

DIY Shamrock wreath

Today I am showing you my Simple Shamrock Wreath I made for St. Patrick’s Day! I found this great fuzzy green wreath from of all places Walmart! It was love at first sight and the possibilities for what to do with it may keep me awake at night! I may make something else with it later, but today I just wanted something simple and neat for the upcoming holiday!

Materials: Random card stock, gold plastic bead necklace, 16 inches of green dingle ball trim, hot glue and gun.

I used my Silhouette to cut out the Shamrocks. You could always just buy them already made ( I spied some at Michaels this past weekend) or just print them out on the paper using the font talked about below. I adjusted the sizes in half-inch graduating sizes. I used patterned paper for the center shamrock from Hobby Lobby. The other two are textured green card stock. I used Clover Things Font from my  St. Patrick’s Day Font Collection instead of buying an already made shamrock from the Silhouette store.

make a st patricks day wreath

cutting clovers

Bend the middle clovers petals forward to make it 3 Dimensional.

clover wreath silhouette cameo

Glue the three clovers together.

st pattys clover wreath

Hot glue the shamrocks to the beads. Glue the beads to the wreath. Glue your Dingle ball trim in a loop next to the beads. And that it! Super cute and fast to make! I hope you like it!

St Paticks Day Wreath