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DIY Boxwood Topiary for St Patricks Day Mantle

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Make these super easy DIY boxwood topiary trees for a boho green St Patrick Day mantle. String faux greenery balls on twine for a super sized boxwood garland. For more posts like this see my St Patricks Day page.

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Do you do anything special for St. Patrick’s Day? In the past, I never really decorated for this holiday. Most of the seasonal decor I find for St. Patty’s Day is pretty minimal or geared toward party supplies. So I usually skip it.

I thought I would take a different approach to the holiday this time and go with Boxwood balls and plants to bring the luck of the Irish into my home.

I am teaming up with my friends at Oriental Trading for this post. I put together some trendy mini DIY Boxwood topiary and a fun Boxwood ball garland. These two projects are super simple to put together. Check out Oriental Trading’s St. Patrick’s Day Holiday Supply Store.

Boxwood topairy balls are trending right now and this is an easy way to get an expensive look by making the topiaries and garland yourself. Plus if you missed my DIY Boxwood Wreath made from a Boxwood garland. You simply must go back and check that out.

How to Make a DIY Boxwood Topiary


Easy DIY Boxwood Ball Topiary


Boxwood Topiaries:

Use rocks to weigh down topiary

Place the 3 inch foam disc in the bottom of the galvanized pot. Make a hole in the center of the foam with the dowel.

Remove dowel and add decorative rocks for weight. This will keep the topiary from toppling over.

Add foam to stabilize a topiary

Place the 4-inch disc inside the pot and push it down into the pot. Push dowel through the center of the 4-inch foam and then down into the hole in 3-inch foam disc. Cut the dowels down to your preferred height using a hacksaw.

Place the 7-inch Boxwood Ball down onto the dowel and slide it to the top of the pot. Place the 10-inch Boxwood Ball on the top of the dowel and tie with floral wire or hot glue the top to the tip of the dowel to secure it. Repeat steps for the second topiary.

boxwood ball topiary, galvanized boxwood ball topairy

Boxwood Garland:

DIY Boxwood Ball Garland, green ball garland,

Push one end of the jute twine through the center of a 4 inch Boxwood Ball. Add 5 balls total to the string. Decide how long of a garland you need and tie a simple loop knot in both ends of twine. Separate the balls by sliding them down the twine. Super simple.

boho Green plant St Patricks Day mantle, Boxwood Plant Mantle Decor,
potted plant boxwood mantle, Plant St Patricks day mantle
How to make a boxwood ball topiary

I went through my home and gathered up all the small plants I have collected lately. Then just simply place them together to make one big group of green.

Boxwood Green Plant mantle, St Pattys day mantle

I just love all the green plants in one place. The white of the vases and pops of green really make the center of the room pop! I may need to leave them here and buy more plants. It brings a fun bohemian vibe into my living room.

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Not sure if you can make this but love the look? Shop these ideas!


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diy boxwood topiary


  1. gosh and begorrah you have a lovely St Pattys Day mantle. Wink. I love topiaries and yours are lovely. Even though my hubby is Irish we don’t really do anything extra special for St Pattys Day. Hugs

  2. I love your St. Patrick’s Day Mantel. It’s a lot of green with a touch of St. Patrick’s Day and can easily transition to Spring.

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