Spring Wreath Duck Cloth

Duck Cloth Spring Wreath!

I finally finished my Spring Wreath! The last few weeks have been a little crazy so it took some time for me to finally settle down and make this perky Duck Cloth Wreath. I found this fabulous Cherry Idriss Fabric at Hobby Lobby and I wanted to make something beautiful with it, but still keep the pattern in tack. So I created  this tutorial to show that wrapping the fabric strips around a form isn’t the only way to go! I also wanted a new look for my flowers, so I spray painted them! Yes, I said spray paint! This made the texture of them nice and stiff like the Duck Cloth. I hope you find it inspiring!

Spring Wreath Duck Cloth Flat Pattern Style

Materials: Cherry Idriss Fabric or other patterned fabric, flat front Styrofoam wreath, old handle, fabric scissors, rotary cutter and mat.

For the flowers: White Valspar Flat spray paint, Paper towel rolls, various floral stems, rope, teal woven belt (you can use fabric trim), wire cutters, hot glue and gun.

cut fabric for pattern wreath

Place your wreath on your fabric and set the pattern where you like it. Cut with fabric scissors 3-4 inches outside of the wreath. Size may vary if you have a larger wreath. Cut a small circle out of the fabric in the center of wreath.

flat pattern wreath design

Measure the inside rim of the wreath and cut a strip of fabric to match it. Glue the strip of fabric to the center rim of the wreath first. Place the wreath back on your circle of fabric and cut slits on the outer edge and the inner edge of the circle. This will allow you to stretch the fabric while smoothing allowing to keep your pattern in tack. Start with the inner circle of the wreath, pull and glue the fabric onto the backside area. Next pull and smooth the outer edges and glue them to the backside of the wreath as well.

Keep pattern on Wreath

For the flowers: Take the two large flowers and one small flower, spray paint them with white flat paint. Let them dry overnight. When they are dry they will have a stiff canvas feel to them. To make them different sizes, you can take them apart by removing the stems and some of the large petals from the back of the flower.

Spray Painted FlowersFor the Paper Towel Roll Flower: Spray paint the outside of the roll with white flat paint. Let it dry, then cut seven 1/4 inch sections of the roll with scissors. Bend the small roll section in half and glue them together making a tight flower. Hot glue a bead in the center.

Paper Tube Flowers

DIY Paper Tube Flowers

For the rope and Teal Woven Fabric Flowers: Hot glue the rope and trim into a circle making a bud. Super simple. For the woven flower I used a belt that I had that was too small for me. You can use fabric trim similar to the woven vinyl.

Vinyl Rosette from a belt

Arrange your flowers and attach your handle and your done! Super cute and fresh for Spring!

Spray Painted Flower Wreath

Vinyl Fabric Flower Teal wreath

Duck Cloth Spring Wreath tutorial


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