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Winter Frost Magnolia Cotton Wreath

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Quick fix to winterize your magnolia wreaths! Just add some frosted sprigs or raw cotton. Try my Winter Frost Magnolia Cotton Wreath tutorial I put together for winter! See more projects like this on my Wreaths page.

Winter Frost Magnolia Cotton Wreath

Magnolia leaves are so popular in the floral sections of your favorite craft stores right now. In this tutorial, I will show how to incorporate two of their trending floral wreaths with some frosted pine sprigs to create this gorgeous winter magnolia wreath.

I made this wreath two ways. If you are not a fan of raw cotton, you can still add some winter sparkle along with magnolia leaves for a simple yet dramatic DIY magnolia wreath.

The glittery frosted sprigs I used made all the difference in the look of the ordinary magnolia wreath. It looks like a snow-covered magnolia wreath. Follow my instructions on how I put it all together.

Winter Frost Magnolia Cotton Wreath


magnolia wreath and cotton wreath


frosted evergreen sprigs

Cut all the Pine sprigs apart from the bunch using pliers.

cotton wreath

Remove the cotton stems from the cotton wreath. Remove all the magnolia leaves from the magnolia pinecone wreath.

When I make a wreath I usually add everything to the wreath without adding wire or glue to hold it together. I move the stems around to get the best placement before everything gets stuck in one spot.

Winter Frost Magnolia Cotton Wreath, Magnolia Wreath, Cotton wreath,
add frosted sprigs to grapevine wreath

Add the frosted pine sprigs to the grapevine wreath first. Once you have them situated, start adding the magnolia leaves above and below the pine sprigs.

TIP: Hang your wreath to get a better perspective of how everything will look when it is finished and displayed.

When everything looks good, use floral wire wrapped around the grapevine wreath to secure the stems. You can use hot glue to stabilize the leaves and sprigs after they are wrapped with wire.

TIP: In my experience, I have found if you only use hot glue to secure everything to a wreath, it can start to melt outside extreme heat. You do not want the stems to start falling off of the wreath. If you are going to display your wreath outside on your front door make sure you secure it with floral wire first before gluing them in place. This will create a wreath that lasts throughout the years.

Winter Frost Magnolia Farmhouse Wreath, Magnolia Wreath, frosted pinecone wreath,

You can stop at this point for a winter magnolia wreath.

Winter Frost Magnolia Cotton Wreath, Magnolia Wreath, Cotton wreath, farmhouse wreath

If you are going for the cotton magnolia wreath then just add single cotton stems randomly around the wreath as shown. Secure them with floral wire and add some glue to secure it in place. And that’s it!

magnolia wreath with frosted evergreen sprigs
winter Farmhouse magnolia wreath

I just love this magnolia cotton wreath! It has that frosty winter morning feel. Perfect for the upcoming holidays!

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Easy Winter Frost Magnolia Cotton Wreath

Happy Holidays!


  1. You have a knack at making plain things SOOOO much better. Love this wreath redo :-)

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