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Spring Garden Floral Tote Door Hanger

Make this fun Spring Garden Tote Door Hanger for $10! Use dollar store items to make the super cute garden trellis wreath for spring. Fun floral Tote bag wreath. For more spring ideas see my Spring + Easter page.

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On my last trip to the Dollar Tree store, I saw a bright tote bag in the most beautiful shade of teal. Next to the totes were small scrolly garden trellis’. Seeing them both together, I instantly envisioned this bright spring arrangement for my front door.

I mounted a small garden trellis to the tote and filled it full of striking pink and green flowers.

The deep color of the teal bag is the perfect color combined with the pink and lime colored flowers. Pairing them up in this tote door hanger just makes the color pop even more dramatic!

Let me show you how I pulled this super easy arrangement together so you can make one for your front door. Did I mention it was under $10? Here’s how I made it!

Spring Garden Tote Door Hanger


Most items can be found at Dollar Tree, links below are Amazon.

Garden Trellis Tote Arrangement


Stack two floral foam bricks on their side and hot glue them together.

Tote bag flower arrangement

Glue the floral foam bricks inside the tote to the bottom and back side of the tote bag.

NOTE: The above pic is a later shot in the tutorial of the stacked foam.

Cut a trellis

Trim the wire spikes off of the bottom of the trellis. Mine were very flexible and broke right off.

Lay the tote bag over the trellis and figure out where you want to mount it.

attach tote to a garden trellis

Turn them both over and use your floral wire to attach the bag to the trellis. Take the wire and poke it through the bag and wrap it around the joints of the trellis.

Garden Trellis Tote arrangement

Tighten the wire and add hot glue for extra security on the wire knots. Cut the flower stems off of the floral bushels at the base with your wire cutters. Arrange the flowers and insert them into the floral foam. Add the butterfly and that’s it!

Garden Tote with pockets, Dollar Tree Tote Door Hanger, teal front door wreath, garden door hanger, spring door hanger

The tote looks so cute mounted on the garden trellis! You could add some garden gloves or a shovel to the pocket to make it even cuter!

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Spring Garden Tote Door Hanger

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  1. This is a nice change from the regular round wreath form. Plus, it’s a great $10 dollar store craft, so I love that too.

  2. This is adorable and I love it for spring! I will be featuring this in my Spring Front Door Decor at Merry Monday!

  3. This is so cute, and I’m totally doing it for my door. Thanks for sharing.

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