Driftwood Pineapple Pallet Wall Art

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DIY Driftwood Pineapple Pallet Wall Art madeinaday.com

Over the last few years I have been collecting bags of driftwood. Most of them I found in unique gift shops on vacation. Now I have so much I need to start using it. Today I am going to use some of my stash to make some fun Pineapple Driftwood Pallet  Wall Art!

Pineapples are still going strong this year and I just love them. Check out my Geometric Painted Pineapple I made for my dining room out of a fun thrift store cutting board.  I really like the rustic beachy look of driftwood, so marring these two trends will make for some very interesting home decor. Let me show you how to make one!

Driftwood Pineapple Pallet Wall Art


Driftwood Pallet Art


The pallet had came in a natural wood state. I decided it needed to have a more rustic feel so I “white washed” the raw wood. Instead of white I used blue!

Blue Wash Watercolor Pallet madeinaday.com

To “white wash” just use acrylic paint and water it down. I becomes almost like a stain instead of covering the wood. The blue came more than fabulous, almost like a watercolor.

Dip the paint brush in a cup of water, knock off access water and dip it into the blue paint. Swirl it around to make the paint thin and just brush it on the wood. Use a paper towel to rub it into the wood and remove access water. Let the wood dry.

Make a Driftwood Pineapple madeinaday.com

Start laying out your drift wood pieces in the shape of a pineapple. It is like doing a puzzle, getting each piece of driftwood to fit just right. Use a hammer, pliers, garden shears or just snap the wood pieces in half with your fingers to make smaller shaped pieces.

Measure to make sure your pineapple is centered on the pallet. Once you have your shape set up, hot glue all the pieces on the wood. I started with the outside edge and worked my way inside so I would not loose the shape of the pineapple.

This came out so great! Even better than I had imagined. I think the blue wash makes the driftwood pop! Super easy craft and so cool! I love the nautical feel driftwood gives to home decor.

DIY Driftwood Pineapple Blue Watercolor Pallet madeinaday.com

Driftwood Pineapple Wall Art


Easy DIY Drfitwood Pineapple madeinaday.com


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