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Boho Christmas Harmony Bell Wreath

Make this gorgeous tropical boho Christmas Harmony Bell Wreath for your coastal holiday decor. Stunning wreath made over tropical Christmas wreath with harmony bells. For more holiday decor see my Christmas page.

Boho Christmas Harmony Bell Wreath

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For years I have seen a harmony bell wreath like this one online in pictures and I always wanted to make one of my own. I made a quick trip to Target last week and found this gorgeous blueberry Christmas wreath with ferns and cedar picks.

threshold long needle blueberry wreath

It was perfect for my coastal home holiday decor! After I got it home though and had a good look at it, I realized the picks that were added to it were weird and random.

It had so much potential though with the perfect picks and all. I knew I could rearrange them and make it look amazing. Plus it was the perfect wreath for adding big harmony bells to make to make the bold statement I was after.

I ordered some extra pine picks and added some faux eucalyptus picks from my stash to recreate this beauty into a stunning holiday focal point. Let’s get started!

Boho Christmas Harmony Bell Wreath


pick for wreath


long pine needle wreath

First I removed all of the foliage picks except for the pine picks. Rearrange if necessary. If you are starting from scratch, add the pine picks first. I wanted them to angle down and around on each side.

NOTE: This wreath could be made simply with a fresh Christmas wreath from a tree lot or box store. Just add the bells and ribbon!

tropical pine needle fern wreath

Next add in the cedar picks facing down on each side of the wreath. Add in random fern picks on each side. Add two picks of eucalyptus on each side at the top of the wreath.

gold harmony bells

These harmony bells come in a set of three. Add the two smaller bells to the top center of the wreath.

tie bells

My wreath has a loop hanger already added so I looped them around the top.

harmony bell wreath, christmas bell wreath

Place your bow on top of the bells and hang! I will post more pics when I get the rest of my decor up for the holidays! I am super excited to have this piece in my decor this year. It so, so pretty. I love it!

 christmas harmony bell wreath
holiday bell wreath
harmony bell christmas wreath

Don’t feel like making this but love the look? Shop these ideas!

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christmas fern wreath with bells
bohemian christmas wreath
boho style christmas bell wreath


  1. AbSooooooLutely stunning Kim. I have a string of harmony bells hiding aways in my craft closet somewhere. Those babies are soooo going to be hauled out and dusted off.

  2. This is beautiful. I’ve actually never seen a harmony bell before. I must be living under a rock – lol!

    1. Ha I have a huge set that I got at World Market a few years ago. I was happy to find a smaller set to use on this wreath. They are supposed to be used for wind chimes.

  3. I am lovin’ your Boho style crafts and home decorating ideas. Thanks for sharing Kim. It is always fun to see your creativity.

  4. Looks like we were on a similar wreath path this week and I love your harmony bells Kim! Pinning this one

  5. What a gorgeous wreath! You really outdid yourself

  6. Kim, I gotta try this. It would be such fun to hear those bells ringing! TY!

    1. Libbie@alifeunfolding says:

      This is a gorgeous wreath. I love the pretty bells.

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