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Build an Airport Paper Plane Set

Get ready to soar with the Build an Airport Paper Plane Coloring Set! Construct, decorate, and pilot your very own aircraft collection for endless high-flying fun! For more fun posts like this see my Printables page.

Build an Airport Paper Plane Set

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Is your child fascinated with airports? Would they like to craft their own fleet of paper planes ready to take flight? You can turn that dream into reality with the Build an Airport Paper Plane Set!

Imagine the thrill of creating your very own miniature airport complete with runways, paper planes, helicopters, and a control tower. This interactive coloring set is not just a fun craft project but a gateway to endless imaginative play.

With easy-to-follow instructions and coloring pages included in the set, you can construct a variety of airplanes in different colors, shapes and sizes. This simple set includes big and small sleek jets, a helicopter, and a propeller plane your child can assemble!

Each creation is bound to spark your creativity and transport them into a world where the sky’s the limit.

Grab a set below, buckle up, and get ready for takeoff as you embark on this exciting journey of building and flying in your own play airport!

Build an Airport Paper Plane Set


  1. Click the link below to download the PDF to print. FOR BEST RESULTS >>Print the templates out using white cardstock. Use the printer setting US Letter.
  2. Use the borderless paper setting on your printer to get the designs to go to the edge of the pages.
  3. Trim on the “cut lines” using a paper cutter.
  4. Color in the pages and cut out each piece.
  5. Use the paper stands to display the airport buildings!

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Build an Airport Paper Plane Coloring Set

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