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Paper Doll House Printable Craft Set

Discover the magic of a paper doll house with this printable craft set. Design and decorate your own miniature dream home today! Hours of fun await! For more fun posts like this see my Printables page.

Paper Doll House Printable Craft Set

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Are your kids looking for something fun to do? This adorable paper craft is perfect for a rainy day or when the littles need s some quiet time to create.

When I was little I would draw houses like this set with rooms and furniture. I’ve made it easy for your child to color in the pieces and paste them on the house. No drawing is necessary!

Imagine a magical world where you can design your own dream house with just paper and scissors! This paper doll house set will make your imagination come to life.

With these printable pages, you can color and create rooms, furniture, and a foldable front of the house with windows to see inside. Color in the pages using crayons, markers, or colored pencils. Decorate each room with colors and patterns of your choice!

You are the creator of this tiny world, where anything is possible. Grab a set below and get started making a paper doll house. Let your imagination run wild as you create endless adventures in your very own paper house!

Paper Doll House Printable Craft Set


  1. Click the link below to download the PDF to print. Print the templates out using white cardstock. Use the printer setting US Letter.
  2. Use the borderless paper setting on your printer to get the designs to go to the edge of the pages.
  3. Trim on the “cut lines” using a paper cutter.
  4. Color in the pages and cut out each house. Use adhesive tape or paper glue to put the houses together.

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Paper Doll House Printable Paper Craft Set

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